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Subdued Soft Opening With Bagels And Cream Cheese For Long Wharf

Subdued Soft Opening With Bagels And Cream Cheese For Long Wharf

A Short History Of A Long Wharf

As a result of what was uncovered during the wharf project, which is now nearing completion, Heller has just published a new book, titled “A Short History of Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf.” In it, he takes a look back at the structure that has served as the centerpiece of the village for centuries.

Stop-Work Order Upheld, But Sag Harbor Officials Say Damage Done

Sag Harbor Village this week obtained a temporary restraining order, allowing it to enforce a stop-work order on the renovation of a house at 24 Rysam Street that village officials say resulted in the destruction of an historic building.

Sag Harbor Remains Vigilant Against Virus

As Sag Harbor Village begins to reopen for business with the coronavirus receding in New York, Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy said this week, it was important to be vigilant about measures like maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

Sag Harbor’s ‘Crown Jewel’ Returns, If Discreetly

But this being the age of COVID-19, the reopening of the historic pier after a 10-month renovation costing $4.3 million will likely be marked by a random motorist noticing one morning later this week that the barricades are down and he might as well drive out to the end to see if the bay is still there.

Small Rain Gardens Provide A Big Boost To Water Quality

Small Rain Gardens Provide A Big Boost To Water Quality

Phase Four On The Horizon, Tentatively Slated For July 8

The Long Island region is on track to enter phase four of the four phase New York Forward reopening plan on Wednesday, July 8.

Sag Harbor Considers Linkages for Three Public Spaces

With Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf set to open this week, some minds are turning their attention to linking together the three most central public places in the village: Long Wharf, Windmill Park and the recently acquired Steinbeck Park.

Sag Harbor Imposes Limits On Leaf Blowers

It’s not an outright ban, but the Sag Harbor Village Board this week adopted tough restrictions on the use of power leaf blowers that would include heavy fines for those caught using them outside an approved weekday time window.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Have Faded Out, Testing Sites Shutting Down

While the numbers of new coronavirus infections nationwide sets all-time highs almost daily, Suffolk County, and the East End in particular, continue to rest easily at the bottom of the epidemic’s bell curve — at least for the time being.

Ticketholder Bar Approved For Sag Harbor Cinema

The resurrected Sag Harbor Cinema will include a bar where ticketholders can order drinks before a movie or during intermission.

EXPRESS SESSIONS: Business Owners, Lawmakers Hopeful About Reconomy Reopening In Time For Summer Season

South Fork business owners and area lawmakers said during a virtual Express Sessions forum last Thursday, June 25, that they were hopeful that, as Long Island continues moving forward in the state’s reopening plan after the coronavirus epidemic, lost time — and revenue — could be made up for this summer, as long as the virus continues its decline.

East Hampton Town Will Sue State Over Sand Mine Approval

East Hampton Town Will Sue State Over Sand Mine Approval

Plan To Divert Sag Harbor Pedestrians From Sidewalks Is Tripped Up

As part of an ongoing effort to keep the streets of Sag Harbor safe, and to help struggling businesses survive in the age of the coronavirus, the Village Board on Wednesday, June 17, discussed — and rejected — two proposals designed to reduce crowding on downtown sidewalks and give restaurants a little more space to have outdoor seating.

Southampton In The Streets: Outside The Box Pilot Program Closes Jobs And Main This...

They’re calling it “Southampton in the Streets.” This Saturday night, Southampton Village officials will close Main Street and Jobs Lane to vehicle traffic, and create...

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Philanthropists and Artists Create Grant For Struggling Performers, Artists and Art Educators

With professionals in all sorts of arts fields currently suffering from lack of work on the East End, Andrea Grover and other members of the Hamptons Arts Network decided to create a grant program for struggling artists. Then artists Eric Fischl and Clifford Ross jumped into the effort and ran with it.

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There’s nothing like forced downtime to inspire a busy person to focus on organizational tasks, and in recent months, director Marcia Milgrom Dodge has been spending her days at home, rifling through old boxes in the small Manhattan apartment she shares with her husband, Anthony Dodge. And in those boxes, Dodge has discovered forgotten gold — buried treasure in the form of scripts, photographs, playbills and opening night congratulatory messages from the plays Dodge directed and choreographed for Bay Street Theater between 1999 and 2013.

Shelter Island Artist and Ferry Captain is Charting the Course for her Future

Carefully sketching in her studio space, 28-year-old Jodi Bentivegna let her long brown hair fall to the side as she nudged her glasses to look up and greet Southampton Arts Center (SAC) patrons. This was way back on February 9, and the young artist was excited to debut her work at one of the largest art museum’s on the East End.