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SANS Named One of “Seven to Save” By Preservation Society

The Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest and Ninevah subdivisions, collectively known as “SANS” was named one of the “Seven to Save” by the Preservation League of New York State last week, a biennial list of historic places the league highlights as “at-risk” throughout the State of New York.

Sag Harbor School Board Presented with $45 Million Draft Budget

The Sag Harbor School Board of Education was presented with a draft $45 million budget for the 2020-21 school year at its February 10 business meeting, although school business administrator Laurie Baum cautioned it was just a draft and that figure would likely decrease at the board workshops the new spending plan.

Young Sag Harbor Filmmaker Makes Debut At L.A. Film Festival

Young Sag Harbor Filmmaker Makes Debut At L.A. Film Festival

Director Bill Morrison To Present Dawson City Film In Sag Harbor

The film, which will be shown at 2 p.m. on Sunday at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, gives viewers a glimpse of what the films consisted of, as well as what Dawson City was like during the early 1900s.

IRS Rules Septic Grant Recipients Should Receive 1099s And Pay Taxes On Funds

The IRS determined that recipients of grants to replace cesspools and aging septic systems with innovative and alternative nitrogen-reducing systems should pay federal income taxes on the grant proceeds.

Wölffer Kitchen Sag Harbor’s Lease Is Up For Sale While The Restaurant Remains Open

Wölffer Kitchen Sag Harbor's Lease Is Up For Sale While The Restaurant Remains Open

A Pitch For French Ball Game In Sag Harbor

walkway between the Sag Harbor Pharmacy and the Variety Store, formally named Reimann’s Alley after the one-time owner of the drugstore, could be transformed into a pocket park — complete with pair of courts for the quintessential French game.

Sag Harbor Man A Casualty of ‘White House Retribution’ As Expedited International Clearances Suspended...

New York residents would no longer be eligible to enroll or re-enroll in Trusted Traveler programs.

Study Suggests Boaters May Be Releasing Septic Waste in Sag Harbor

A two-year study of water quality in Sag Harbor found that it is good overall but that nitrogen loading, mostly from conventional cesspools and septic tanks leaching untreated waste into groundwater, is promoting algae growth including a rust tide in the summer. The study also found that fecal bacteria — some of it from human waste, possibly including boaters illegally releasing effluent — is an issue in some locations.

Yacht Club Work May Create Link for Bay Street Runoff Control Projects

The Sag Harbor Yacht Club’s plan to replace an aging, creosoted wooden bulkhead on its Bay Street waterfront with a new vinyl bulkhead sparked a public brainstorming session on February 6 as the chair of the Harbor Committee, Mary Ann Eddy, pushed for the work to complement a publicly funded water quality project that will be installed this spring on either side of the Yacht Club site to reduce stormwater runoff.

Falkowski Brings Cannabis to the Forefront at Sag Harbor Forum

Open Minded Organics President David Falkowski has organized a forum on cannabis production in New York State this Saturday at the Wamponamon Masonic Lodge in Sag Harbor — an effort the Bridgehampton-based farmer and local businessowner said this week was aimed at giving public officials objective information on what cannabis programs are available in the state and where pending legislation that impacts those businesses stands.

New Short Film Featuring Local Advocates To Address Opioid Crisis And Addiction

Westhampton Beach resident Bill Donahue has produced a short film “Unspoken, Now Told: Recovery Stories,” in collaboration with Human Understanding and Growth Services Inc., or HUGS, based in Westhampton Beach.

Sale Of WPPB To New York PBS Stations Is Completed; Local Programming To Continue

Sale Of WPPB To New York PBS Stations Is Completed

Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo Announces Bid For LaValle’s Seat

Just weeks after State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle announced he was not seeking reelection to his post, after serving the 1st District of New York for 44 years, Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo, a Republican like Mr. LaValle, has thrown his name into the mix as a candidate for the seat.

‘Green Light’ Proponents Say Law Is Working As Hoped, And Long Lines At The...

Proponents of New York State’s new Green Light Law say the new rules, which removed a 2007 requirement of legal immigration documents to receive a driver’s license, have been working well, and they are celebrating the extent to which it has been embraced.

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