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Wölffer Kitchen Sag Harbor’s Lease Is Up For Sale While The Restaurant Remains Open

Wölffer Kitchen Sag Harbor's Lease Is Up For Sale While The Restaurant Remains Open

Business Briefs: Promoted to Partner, Burns Joins SHIMA and Lear at Almond

Jake Lear — and his music — has been called an “amalgam of muddied roots reverb, Mississippi Hill Country stomp, and tasty nuanced grooves,” according to NO Depression Magazine. Almond restaurant can get down with that, and booked Lear as the next guest of its “Artists & Writers” dinner series — a family-style, three-course meal on Tuesday, February 11, at 7 p.m. at the Bridgehampton restaurant, where the musician will share his story.

With New State Grant, Time To Lean In For Food Hub On Stony Brook...

The East End Food Institute is getting a piece of the pie, thanks to a $300,000 grant from New York Empire State Development

Business Briefs: Super Bowl Specials, Market Outlook, Game Dinner

For the first time in what feels like decades, the New England Patriots aren’t stepping foot near the Super Bowl — and, for some, that’s reason enough for celebration.

The North Fork Table & Inn Finds A Buyer In Michelin-Starred Chef John Fraser

The North Fork Table & Inn may look closed from the outside — and, to business, it technically is — but inside, the beloved Southold institution is brimming with new life following its recent sale to Michelin-starred chef John Fraser.

Meet Chef George Hirsch, If He Can Do It, You Can Do It

Maybe you’ve seen Chef George Hirsch while you’re out and about on the East End. You might have caught him at a farm stand chatting up a grower, or discussing wine production at a local vineyard, or even cooking up a recipe on a grill somewhere near the water. It’s all done for the filming of George Hirsch Lifestyle, his long-running PBS television series which is about combining good food with good living.

$17.70 at 1770 House in East Hampton

On Thursday nights at The 1770 House Restaurant & Inn, the dining deal is in the name.

Business Briefs: Makoid Takes Awards, Bell & Anchor Specials, Martin Wins Awards

The people have spoken, and they have chosen Blaze Makoid Architecture.

Cosentino Named Director of Farm Operations at Sylvester Manor

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm announced late last week that Cristina Cosentino will take the role of Director of Farm Operations for the Shelter Island nonprofit.

Business Briefs: Discounts for Lerner, Tunes at Townline, Baron’s Cove Specials

Jamie Lerner is cutting a major deal for her first-time students — and giving those who haven’t seen her in awhile zero excuses. For new...

New Year’s Eve Reservations, Winter Igloos at The Baker House 1650

Experiencing the outdoors this frosty winter season doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy.

Two Jewish Friends join forces to create a new Cooking Show

“Two Jews Making Food” is an online series that kicked off Friday, December 20, with a Hanukkah feast. The show will revolve around cooking, sharing recipes and feeding the world with humor and delicious noshes. Jewish holidays and traditions will be the focus with episodes slated throughout the end of next year, from Purim and Passover to Shabbos and Rosh Hashanah.

Dish: Feast for the Holidays

The first night of Hanukkah marks a joyous celebration of family, light, miracles and, of course, food — which is where both Rowdy Hall and Nick & Toni’s come in.

A Welcome Winter Salad

Just like my actual house, my gingerbread house has started to crumble around the edges. Is it trying to tell me something? I’m holding off on calling a contractor, but I havestarted thinking about renovating my diet for the New Year.

Almond Restaurant Expands to Palm Beach

By Hannah Selinger This January, fans of Bridgehampton’s Almond can dine al fresco — in Palm Beach. Partners Eric Lemonides and Jason Weiner, who are responsible for the restaurant’s Bridgehampton and New York City outposts, are expanding their reach to the southern beach. “We’re opening a version of what we do in Bridgehampton in Palm Beach,” said Lemonides. What that means, for the uninitiated, is a big, vibrant space, full of personality and creative American fare. The space is, Lemonides estimates, roughly the same size on the interior as the Bridgehampton space, with a sprawling outdoor area that nearly matches the interior in terms of square footage. “It’s completely covered,” he said, and “on a super sexy boulevard. We’re bringing a little Almond vibe down to Palm Beach.” If Florida seems like a different culinary climate than the Northeast, Lemonides believes that nothing is set in stone. The state, historically, is not renowned for its farm-to-table ethos, but, then again, the Hamptons wasn’t always, either. “There’s tons of farms here,” Lemonides said on the phone from Palm Beach. “There’s tons of farmers here. It doesn’t have to be across the street. It just has to be local and close.” Décor will recall the Bridgehampton space, with a nod to that famous magenta zebra wallpaper that everyone knows so well. The building, an early 1900s space with original wood ceilings, reminds Lemonides of the space in Bridgehampton. The restaurant will be, essentially, an Almond family affair, with Lee Felty, Lemonides’ partner and the original manager for the Almond New York City space, returning to the fold. Unlike the Bridgehampton restaurant, where labor costs and seasonality are of concern, the Palm Beach restaurant will serve both lunch and dinner. “We’re only open for dinner in Bridgehampton because you’re battling a couple things,” Lemonides said. “You’re battling labor. If you’re open in Bridgehampton for just brunch you kill your staff. If you’re doing lunch 7 days a week, it’s a different thing.” The difference, he said, is that you can hire an additional set of staff to manage the daytime hours. Since Palm Beach has more of a reliable weekday crowd than the Hamptons, which is mostly a weekend-only destination, the new space can sustain two meals a day. Part of the idea was to bring a fresh approach to dining to Palm Beach. “It seems like there’s not a lot down here like what we do,” Lemonides said. He indicated that the area was flush with fine dining restaurants, as well as casual dining options, but that there was no real middle ground, where a diner could find high-quality cuisine without the pretenses of a formal dining experience. The restaurant, then, looks to fill a niche that Lemonides and Weiner believe is currently open. The menu, which will be the domain, largely, of Executive Chef and co-owner Jason Weiner, will speak to the restaurant’s tradition of local and seasonal food, with a lighter bent. Lemonides anticipates more “salads” and “accessible, simple things,” once the restaurant opens. Both Lemonides and Weiner will be splitting time between Bridgehampton and Palm Beach; the pair just rented an apartment together and plan to organize a kind of round robin, wherein one of them is always present for weekend service in Bridgehampton as a kind of quality control. Regarding an official opening date, the owners are not yet sure of when in January they will be open — but they do plan to open next month. That gives East Enders an opportunity to enjoy the Bridgehampton vibe in far warmer climes this post-holiday season. In case you needed a reason to travel, the team at Almond just gave you one very good one. For more information, visit

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