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No Objections to Plan for New Bowling Alley in Wainscott

Scott Rubenstein said this week the bowling alley and other attractions would fill a need for more recreational activities for singles and families alike

Suffolk Closeup: Control Nitrogen

Where there is excessive amounts of nitrogen flowing into waterways, such as bays and creeks, it leads to brown tides and red tides and other toxic algal blooms, and low-oxygen dead zones, that kill off fish and other marine life.

Return of the Eagle: Majestic Bird of Prey Increasingly Common Sight

A growing number of nature lovers on the East End are being treated these days to a sight they’ll probably never forget: a bald eagle soaring effortlessly above the bay, looking for its next fish dinner, or perched on a branch overlooking a still pond.

Yoga for the Everyman at Mandala in Amagansett

There are the yoga people you can spot a mile away, with their smoothie in hand and joints that seem to bend in both directions. But Jolie Parcher, owner of Mandala Yoga in Amagansett Square, has had those yogis covered for years. It’s the non-yogis, the fire fighters and construction workers, that she really wants to reach. Because you don’t have to like to chant words in Sanskrit – or even know what Sanskrit is – to feel the benefits of yoga.

Shinnecock Bird Specialties: Feathered Friends From Afar….

While some folks among us are already dreaming of summer and may have even formulated an exit strategy for escaping in February, for many birds what we have to offer right here right now on the East End is nothing short of paradise.

Building a Strong Foundation with Baby Yoga

Any tall tower is built on a strong foundation. If it wasn’t, it would never be able to reach the sky. This is the philosophy behind early childhood education in any sense, but it’s particularly relevant when it comes to bringing yoga principles to babies and toddlers.

Deadline Looms for Special Deer Season Permits

The special shotgun season for deer hunting in Suffolk County starts January 3, 2016, the state Department of Environmental Conservations (DEC) announced last week. Hunters must enter a drawing to hunt for deer on DEC managed lands during the firearms season by November 30.

Seeking Refuge from Winter on Retreat

It’s hard to think of going anywhere when the autumn light catches the leaves at just the right angle, but as each crumpled leaf tumbles to the ground, we are that much closer to another long, dark winter. That’s why now is the time that yoga teachers are toiling away to create the ultimate escape. Because once the cold sets in, nothing will feel better that an expansive stretch on a sun-drenched beach. Jessica Belloffato of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton has led dozens of yoga retreats, and with three on the agenda for this winter, she shows no sign of slowing down. Two of the retreats she has planned are of the tried and true variety: Puerto Rico and Tulum, Mexico. She’s guided yogis to these heavenly destinations for years – Rincon, Puerto Rico for the past eight and Tulum for 18 years. Most years, she’s been to the exotic locales more than once, so she feels right at home on these beaches, and has perfected the connections for paddle boards, food, and other ways to relax.

Mixed Reports from Opening of Scallop Season

The always much anticipated bay scallop season opened on Monday, and early reports say it will be a decidedly mixed bag.

Fall Tick Prevention Tips from East End Tick & Mosquito Control

Contrary to popular opinion, the end of summer is not the end of tick season.

Sag Harbor Hosts Mighty Hamptons Triathlon

More than 600 athletes convened at Long Beach in Sag Harbor on Sunday for the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon, which will be named moving forward for the late Steve Tarpinian, a pioneer triathlete on Long Island who helped keep the event alive when he and his Event Power company took it over from Southampton Hospital in 1993.

Artist’s Discoveries Remap Early Human History on Long Island

The evidence contained in his extensive Native American arrowhead collection “re-writes the known history of early man on Long Island,” John Pagliaro said recently at his art studio on Shelter Island.

Just Breathe at the Inaugural Hamptons YogaFest

The inaugural Hamptons YogaFest will take place September 18 through September 20 at the Hayground School on Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton. Created by Jenna Walter...

Monitoring Migrating Monarchs

Weighing less than a penny and with wings as seemingly delicate as gossamer, the monarch butterfly is a marvel of migration. Setting out from the East End, and other parts of the eastern United States and Canada, each September the Danaus plexippus began to make their legendary annual trek to Mexico.

Speedboat Towed to Sag Harbor Following Collision

While attempting to break a speed boating record around Long Island on Thursday, a 53-foot racing catamaran named "Recovery" collided with the Plum Gut buoy doing 148 miles per hour.

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‘Magic Jews’ Come to Southampton Arts Center

Allan Zola Kronzek's part-illustrated talk and part-magic performance about the lives of eight Jewish performers will take place on Monday, July 22.

The Church Presents “Art As Ecosystem”

Eric Fischl, co-founder of The Church with his wife, artist April Gornik, will lead the organization’s first event “Art As Ecosystem” on Saturday, July 20.

Pierson Grad Is Building a Career in Golf

Jack Brown today is a rising junior in the PGA Golf Management Program at Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.