VIDEO: Press Sessions; Getting The Facts On The COVID Vaccine

The Express News Group hosted a virtual Press Sessions event on Thursday, August 12, that included  a panel of medical experts and community leaders to offer helpful advice and factual medical information — with no judgment — to people on the South Fork who remain unvaccinated, hoping to address their concerns and answer their questions. It’s an important moment in the fight against COVID, and getting facts to people is essential in defeating the virus.

Walk-In Vaccine Clinic Opens At Southampton Hospital

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital began administering COVID-19 vaccination shots at Parrish Memorial Hall, on the hospital property, on Herrick Road in Southampton Village this week.

Express Sessions Virtual Event ‘Getting The Facts On The COVID Vaccine’ To Be...

To discuss the COVID-19 vaccine, answer questions from community members, and address common misconceptions about the vaccine, The Express News Group will be hosting a virtual Express Sessions event, titled “Getting the Facts on the COVID Vaccine” on Thursday, August 10, at 10 a.m. The discussion will be held via Zoom, and registration is required to attend the free event.

No Vaccination Mandates For Local Hospital And Employees, Yet

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and Stony Brook Medicine have still not said whether a mandate announced last week by Governor Andrew Cuomo that all state hospital employees be vaccinated will be applied to the staff at SBSH — where employees interviewed this week estimated that as many as 25 percent of their colleagues are not vaccinated and union leaders have protested vaccination requirements for its members.

Southampton Arts Center August Programs

Summer is in full swing at Southampton Arts Center (SAC). From the return of ICP Talks, this year with a focus on street photography, to a hilarious reading of celebrity autobiographies by their fellow stars to thought-provoking films and panels, there is no shortage of things to do at SAC.

As Infections Climb Among The Unvaccinated, OLA Scrambles For Ways To Reach Those Falling...

With gaps in vaccination coverage driving a new increase in COVID-19 cases statewide — and the highest positivity rates in Suffolk County since early spring — advocates for minority communities say that they are still seeing significant numbers of unvaccinated individuals, especially in the large Latino immigrant population.

Better Late Than Never: Breast Cancer Screenings Drop, Leading To More Later-Stage Diagnoses

As hospitals have returned to a sense of normalcy, so have routine breast cancer screenings, largely put on pause by many women during the height of the pandemic — in some cases, leading to more serious cancer diagnoses as a result, explained Stacy Quarty, president of Lucia’s Angels, who noted that she’s seen a dramatic uptick of patients in recent months.

Return of the Cold: Non-COVID Illnesses on the Rise

Lots of people are getting the first cold they’ve had in a year or their first sore throat in many months. Dr. Sharon Nachman, chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, explained the rise in infections, especially among children.

East End Region Leads State In Vaccination Rates

Local officials and medical professionals say that the East End’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccination drive efforts and a population that largely embraced vaccinations in general can be credited with pushing the region’s rates well above the statewide averages.

Climate Corner: Welcome to Locavore Heaven

Just because it’s sitting in a wheelbarrow, doesn’t mean it’s local. When I decided to reduce my carbon footprint by eating more local, I had to come to terms with the sad fact that farm stand pineapples are not grown out here. And those pretty packages labeled, “Produit en France?” Probably not either.

The Healing Benefits of Cannabis

With THC now legal for recreational use in 11 states and counting, and CBD being hawked everywhere from high end department stores to the corner bodega, people are seeking out the healing benefits of cannabis more than ever.

Cases Of Alpha Gal Meat Allergies From Ticks Are On The Rise

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Dr. McGintee and others in her field are seeing a rise in diagnosed cases of Alpha-Gal, the meat allergy often caused by a Lone Star tick bite.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program Embraces Virtual Format

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program Embraces Virtual Format

East End Addiction Treatment Reaches Fever Pitch During COVID-19 Pandemic

East End Addiction Treatment Reaches Fever Pitch During COVID-19 Pandemic

East End Hospice Reflects On Kanas Center’s Five-Year Anniversary

Operated by East End Hospice, the Kanas Center marked its fifth anniversary last month, having served over 1,000 patients with end-of-life care since first opening its doors on March 14, 2016, as a state-of-the-art facility decades in the making, according to Medical Director Dr. Louis Avvento.

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A Welcome Return For Sag Harbor’s HarborFest

HarborFest returned to Sag Harbor this weekend after a one-year hiatus owing to the coronavirus, and to say it was a hit with a population that has grown weary of being cooped up would be an understatement. Huge crowds converged on Long Wharf and the waterfront under sunny blue skies to listen to music, sample food from a number of purveyors, browse displays or watch the whaleboat races.

Dead Air Surrounds WLNG Tower Application

Over a year ago, when COVID-19 led to an influx of full-time residents in Sag Harbor, village officials scrambled to improve cellular service, which by all accounts suffered considerably as more people competed for limited bandwidth.

Sag Harbor Names New Clerk-Administrator

The reshuffling continues in the Sag Harbor Municipal Building, where on Tuesday, the Village Board named Kate Locascio, who has served as the village tax clerk, to replace Beth Kamper as village clerk-administrator. Ms. Kamper will retire on Thursday, September 23.