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East Hampton Town Board to Appoint David Lys to Open Town Council Seat

The East Hampton Town Board will appoint David Lys to fill the vacant Town Council seat during its Thursday, January 18 meeting at 6:30...

Deepwater Wind Officials Ask for Approval to Land Cable in Wainscott

Officials from Deepwater Wind say they need town board approval for a cable landing in Wainscott before they can pursue extensive environmental review of its South Fork Wind Farm project.

Suffolk County Expands Private Well Survey in Wainscott

The Suffolk County Department of Health has expanded its private well survey in Wainscott following the detection of certain toxins in 63 private wells. 

Village Explores Water Testing, But Wants to Share Cost

If several key elements fall into place, marine biologist Dr. Christopher Gobler will lead a team that will conduct regular testing of Sag Harbor waters.

Second Well Contaminated in Wainscott

A second well in Wainscott contains levels of chemicals above safety thresholds established by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

“Hydration Station” Unveiled at Southampton Town Hall

The town's station is aimed at reducing the use of plastic water bottles and raising public awareness about the safe public water supply.

As Deepwater Details Emerge, Wind Farm Discussion Heats Up

A fisherman accused Deepwater Wind of bribing East Hampton Town and a town trustee told Deepwater to show proof that wind farms don’t harm the environment.

Out in Search of the East End’s Nocturnal Visitors

The cool weather is ideal for owl sightings, according to birder Joe Giunta, who is preparing for his annual Owls by the Light of the Moon walk.

DEC to Investigate Contamination of Wells Near East Hampton Airport

The New York State DEC will spend between three to six months investigating the cause of well contamination near the East Hampton Airport in Wainscott.

Sag Harbor Village Caught in Middle on Septic Laws

The problem, according to John Shaka, the chairman of the Harbor Committee, is that the village is exempt from the new, stricter town laws.

Schiavoni to Retire from Sag Harbor School Board

Sag Harbor School Board member Tommy John Schiavoni said Monday he will step down from his seat on the school board in December.

Pine Beetle Infestation Affects 3,800 Trees

The number of pines affected by a southern pine beetle infestation in East Hampton has grown to 3,800, according to the town’s Director of Land Management.

State Designates Southampton as ‘Climate Smart Community’

Southampton Town’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and improve its resiliency in the face of climate change have been recognized by New York State.

Sag Harbor Village Reconsidering Dogs at Havens Beach

Water quality tests performed at the beach prior to the remediation showed dog waste was one of the pollutants causing issues, the mayor noted.

A Conversation With Ann Welker

Ann Welker made history on November 7 when she became the first woman to be elected a Southampton Town Trustee in that body’s 331-year history.

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