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‘Fade to Gray’ Reveals Unseen Side of Hurd Hatfield

In person, Hurd Hatfield was charming, witty, a generous host and a loyal friend. But on screen he was complex, lonely and tortured.

Four New Plays Test the Waters on Stage at Bay Street

Before Emma Lively and Tyler Beattie sit down to write, they invent a new world — one they want to enter together.

Ryland is Equipping Men Everywhere

If you ask Ryland Hilbert about trends for this season, he’ll tell you the term is an archaic view of fashion.

Artist Selected for 2019 Hampton Classic Horse Show Poster

Kelly Wilkinson Coffin has been named the 2019 Official Poster Artist for the 44th annual Hampton Classic Horse Show.

Eye on Art: Miró at the Modern

 “Joan Miró: Birth of the World,” on view through June 15 at the Museum of Modern Art, is both a delight and a revelation.

Artists Rob Calvert Was Witness to the Unspeakable

The day Rob Calvert returned to Sag Harbor from Poland, he went straight to his studio. He needed to make sense of the past 24 hours, and all that could help him was his art.

Cooper Used the Dark Room and Nature as Refuges

On April Fools Day 1969, Thomas Joshua Cooper made a conscious decision to slow down and cut back.

Out of the Basement: Roger Rosenblatt Debuts on Piano

Roger Rosenblatt has always believed in the connection between writing and music — a kinship embodied by his daily morning ritual.

Art Show Is Gallery’s First and Last in Sag Harbor

Blocks, Trucks + Art, a gallery at 17 Washington Street, will be in the spotlight Saturday afternoon as the new art spot on the block — pun totally intended.

Blair Seagram Merges Four Seas into One

Catch the final weekend of “Parrish Perspectives: Recent Acquisitions in Context,” featuring 48 paintings, sculpture and works on paper from the Permanent Collection, including work by Sag Harbor-based artist Blair Seagram.

Bits: ‘Whiskey and Wine,’ New Work at Tulla Booth Gallery, ‘Knock Down the House,’...

Edna Kin’s annual Sag Harbor concert has a brand new feel this year — all in thanks to the release of their first album, “Whiskey and Wine.”

Rites of Spring at LongHouse

The towering, site-specific installation is impermanent, but first it will make its debut at the preserve during “Rites of Spring,” a preview of LongHouse Reserve’s 28th season.

Local Artists on the Meaning of Roots

There is no separating artist Hector deCordova from his roots. And in some way, they are always on his mind.

Contemplating ‘Art’ at Guild Hall in East Hampton

Hours before their first read-through of Yasmina Reza’s critically acclaimed three-hander, “Art," the director gathered Edward Kassar, Joe Pallister and Sawyer Spielberg and gave them seemingly simple instructions.

‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ On View at Tanger Outlets

The Golden Age of Hollywood was iconic for a reason. And one of them is the clothes.

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The “Sag Harbor” Cinema Sign is Lit Once More

Two years, five months and nine days after a wind-blown fire gutted the 1930s-era Sag Harbor Cinema on an icy mid-December day in 2016,...

Fischl and Gornik Plan To Open The Church in 2020

Less than a year after artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik purchased the property for $7 million with plans to create an arts center dedicated to exploration and innovation, the building’s exterior is transformed.

Jordan Haerter’s Story Told in Film

Joshua DeFour had no intention of making a military film. That changed when he read the now legendary “Six Seconds To Live” speech by former Marine General John F. Kelly.