When Art, Music and Dance is in the Family Way

With just one day to record a defining cello concerto, Margaret Garrett knew her husband was nervous. She didn’t blame him. The league was bigger. The sound was louder. The musical colors were bolder and brighter, their movement more deliberate than anything the composer had ever written.

The Magic of Art and Holiday Music Comes to Kramoris Gallery

Magic is created when diverse areas of the arts meld, then produce a transcendent inner experience and create an inner excitement — and on Sunday, November 17, Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor hosts “Magic Holiday Music,” an event merging music, poetry and visual arts.

Music with the Masons

The band JettyKoon brings its Montauk sound to Sag Harbor on Saturday, November 16, at 8 p.m. when the band performs at the Wamponamon Masonic Lodge as part of the Masonic Music Series.

Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton Team Up to do Their ‘Home Work’

When Julie Andrews set out to write her latest memoir, she knew that she wanted to collaborate with someone she trusted and with whom she could share the most personal and private details of her life ... That someone was her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton.

WPPB In Southampton Is Being Sold To WNET, New York PBS Television Station

Officials from local National Public Radio affiliate WPPB Peconic Public Broadcasting said on Friday afternoon that the station has reached an agreement to sell...

Get Your Groovy On — The Sixties Show is Back!

The 1960s was a decade like no other. Social and political unrest, experimentation with drugs, and the fight for rights reigned supreme — so did the music, which changed drastically throughout the ’60s as it reflected what was going on. Add on Friday, November 1, Bay Street Theater will bring The Sixties Show back to Sag Harbor to relive the most memorable music of the era.

Steve Earle Reconnects With GE SmIth In His ‘Portraits’ Series

Through their 30-year friendship, iconic musicians Steve Earle and G.E. Smith have seen it all — from countless back stages and hotel rooms to guitar shops where they had long and impactful conversations during the ups and downs of their own careers, and their individual journeys toward sobriety.

Meet the Very Models Of A Modern Major-General

In terms of enduring appeal, the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan rank second only to Shakespeare in the history of English-language theater. But...

Graham Nash on a Winter in Sag Harbor and the Passions of Youth

If you happened to be plugged into the rock music scene of the late 1960s, you knew that California was the place to be. Across the country politics were heated, war in Vietnam was raging, and the youth of America was rising up. All this strife made for fertile ground, musically speaking, and British singer and songwriter Graham Nash was among those who joined the wave.

Judy Carmichael Reflects on her Swinging Career

Though Judy Carmichael travels the globe performing for audiences of all ages and sizes, when she takes the stage at Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theater on October 4, it will be like coming home.

Jane Monheit Brings A Love For Jazz Back To Her Native Long Island

The cool-toned chanteuse is headlining the Sag Harbor American Music Festival on Friday night at the coveted Old Whalers’ Church — a venue fit for a jazz revolution, she said.

Get Swinging with Judy Carmichael at Bay Street

Pianist. Singer. Raconteuse. Judy Carmichael is 100 percent proof that you can take an infectious style of music (and an equally infectious personality) anywhere — from a posh nightclub in London or Carnegie Hall, to a stage in front of 10,000 Brazilians, or even a drafty castle in Scotland at the behest of a fan.

David Bouchier Offers a Taste of The Real South of France

WSHU FM’s weekly essayist and Long Island resident David Bouchier will be at the Rogers Memorial Library on Thursday, September 19, at 1 p.m. to give a talk entitled, “The Real South of France.”

September Songs Comes to Guild Hall in East Hampton

On Sunday, September 8, at 3 p.m. Opera & Broadway of the Hamptons returns to Guild Hall to continue a 30-year tradition of bringing...

A Performance Series for Pianists on the Verge of Greatness

Seventeen years ago when Liliane Questel pulled into the Avram Theater parking lot at what was then Southampton College for a Pianofest concert, she was struck by how many cars there were. That observation led Questel, who is, herself, a pianist, to create the Rising Stars Piano Series at the Southampton Cultural Center.

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Inda Eaton is Finding ‘Shelter In Place’

As soon as the last notes were played, a quiet fell over the room. And in that moment, Inda Eaton knew “Shelter In Place” would be the best record she and her longtime band had ever made. Except that was almost two years ago. And to this day, only her most devoted fans have heard it.

Irina Alimanestianu Redefining Rules in Art

Ever since she was a child, Irina Alimanestianu has looked at the world from the outside — observing social structures, making sense of “the rules” and doing her best to interpret them as a grade-schooler growing up with Romanian parents in Nyack, New York.

Chris Henchy’s Directorial Debut Brings Jokers to Life

About a year ago, writer, producer and dad Chris Henchy was trying to get his daughters to do their homework, but something on television had them distracted. Comedy can do that.