BCMF Concerts Postponed

Because of circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer’s Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival will not take place as originally planned.

WEHM Hosts ‘The Concert For Caregivers’ Over Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend, 92.9 and 96.9 WEHM will present “The Concert for Caregivers,” to benefit Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s health care heroes fund for COVID-19.

Music to Beat the COVID-19 Blues

During these long weeks of quarantine, while many East End teenagers are missing the social life that school provides (if not school itself), one Sag Harbor man is looking to help kids suffering from the blues to learn how to play them.

It’s a Drive-By of the Artistic Kind

All across the South Fork, a car-themed touring art show of sorts will be offered this weekend by some 50 painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists, film and video makers, poets, and musicians.

Open Your World to Opera

Soprano Ashley Galvani Bell and stage director Antón Armendariz Diaz will bring their music to your home for eight weeks beginning May 14, with “Introduction to the Joys of Opera,” an enlightening and empowering survey of opera offered via Zoom through Bay Street Theater’s online programming platform, Bay Street To-Go.

Arts Organizations Adapt in the Time of COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, like nearly every artistic venue around the globe, East End cultural institutions have been getting creative by figuring out how to operate in the virtual world.

Wanted: Guitars and Kids to Play the Blues

Sag Harbor's Lyle Granger is the founder of The Legion of Blues, an organization he established in Georgia to promote traditional blues musicians play. Now, he's starting Operation Beat The Blues, an initiative to match South Fork kids interested in learning guitar with lessons from professional bluesman or bluesladies.

A Virtual Variety Show, Music, Theater and Film Planned For This Weekend

With another weekend of responsible social distancing upon us, several arts organizations are offering online programming in an effort to break up the monotony...

South Fork Arts Organizations Cancel Events and Exhibitions

There are numerous closures and cancellations of arts organizations in our area due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Here's the list.

Bridgehampton Chamber Music Celebrates Spring with the Work of Beethoven

For Marya Martin, her relationship with Ludwig van Beethoven is nothing short of a borderline impossible, unrequited love affair — considering the prolific German composer and pianist rarely wrote for flute. “So often, how you really feel someone’s music inside of you is you play it, and you just love it to death,” the New York-based, internationally acclaimed flutist explained. “There are only a few works that Beethoven has written in chamber music for flute — but I still love him.”

It’s Dueling Pianos on Stage at WHBPAC

Imagine you’re at a house party and someone is playing the piano and taking requests. Now imagine there are two pianos, two players and a third guy on drums. Oh, and they’re doing a little improvisational comedy — and taking turns playing each other’s instruments. Sound fun?

Encore Performance by Katherine C.H.E.

On Saturday, March 14, at 8 p.m., Katherine C.H.E. returns for an encore performance in the Wamponamon Masonic Music Series: A Singer Songwriter Music Series at the Masonic Lodge, 200 Main Street, Sag Harbor.

Masonic Music with Michael Mazzaraco

Known primarily for his behind the scenes work as a sound technician on thousands of musical performances on the East End, Michael Mazzaraco (aka Mike Maz) occasionally gets to perform on stage himself. On Friday, March 13, at 8 p.m. Maz and friends will perform as part of the Wamponamon Masonic Music Series.

Sylvester Manor postpones concerts ‘out of an abundance of caution’

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm on Shelter Island had planned to bring the Canadian fiddle band The Fretless to the Manor House Music Room for two concerts of Irish folk music on Saturday, March 14. However, out of an abundance of caution, the administrators at Sylvester Manor have decided to postpone the concerts.

He May Sing About It, But Randy Parsons Isn’t Running Away Anytime Soon

His new album is called “Maybe I’m Running Away,” but musician Randy Parsons doesn’t want to be anywhere else in the world other than the home he has, tucked away in the woods of Springs.

Latest Articles

A Short History Of A Long Wharf

As a result of what was uncovered during the wharf project, which is now nearing completion, Heller has just published a new book, titled “A Short History of Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf.” In it, he takes a look back at the structure that has served as the centerpiece of the village for centuries.

For Actors Of Color, Art Reflects Life, for Better and Worse

As white Americans struggle to accept — or struggle to deny — the parts we’ve played in perpetuating the systemic racism that’s pulsed through this country since its inception, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) have been shining a light on the obstacles they’ve inherited as a result. And, if we resist the urge to look away, we’re faced with the painful and undeniable fact that racist ideologies have been insidiously permeating our every interaction, institution, and industry in ways that effectively prevent white people from discomfort, and BIPOC from equality. The entertainment industry is, unfortunately, a glaring example.

‘The Third Daughter’ Tells The Story of Forced Jewish Prostitution in South America

Zwi Migdal was a Jewish mafia of sorts, and from the 1870s until 1939, it brought an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 young women to South America from Europe and Russia under pretense of a better life. But in fact, these girls were bound for a new country and a life of forced prostitution. In her novel “The Third Daughter," Bridgehampton author Talia Carner tells the little-known story of these women.