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The Story He Is — Roger Rosenblatt’s Writing Life

In truth, Roger Rosenblatt never really intended for his collection of prose to become a book. But once a writer, always a writer, and that’s exactly what his selected essays — on the subject of writing, as it turns out — has become. “I knew I would make a fortune on the book and couldn’t resist the opportunity,” joked Rosenblatt, who will most likely do nothing of the sort with “The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life,” which was published by Turtle Point Press in April.

“Present Tense: Black Lives Matter(ed)”

“Africaville,” a powerful debut novel by Jeffrey Colvin, tells the story of the black experience in parts of Canada and the United States and offers insights into the outrage against racism and oppression that has sparked protests not only in America but around the world. On August 15 and 16, a series of events that offer a unique opportunity to experience many of these insights. “Present Tense: Black Lives Matter(ed)” is a weekend of theater, art, literature, history and activism education centered around Colvin’s novel. Co-hosted by Guild Hall in East Hampton, The Church in Sag Harbor, and the Arts Center at Duck Creek in Springs.

A Memoir of Montauk Love to Become a Film

At the age of 50, Geraldine Brown had reason to doubt she would ever find love. After all, she had been involved in a series of disastrous relationships that would have been enough to leave most people dejected. But instead, she held on to faith sparked by her late grandmother, Rosaria Gentile, who had died several years earlier.

Delve into the Wild West with Tom Clavin’s ‘Tombstone’

You know the expression, attributed to Aristotle — the whole being greater than, or different from, the sum of its parts — meaning that the way individual items combine can often affect the overall result. In the case of journalist and best-selling author Tom Clavin’s latest historical exploration of the Wild West called “Tombstone,” readers should pay attention to the parts.

East Hampton Library’s Authors Night, an Online Literary Celebration

Tickets are now on sale for East Hampton Library’s 16th annual Authors Night, presented this year as a series of interactive online Zoom events, Thursday, August 6, to Sunday, August 9.

Welcome to the Revolution

Sometimes, the best way to shine a light on a groundbreaking project is to approach it through a historic lens. It’s certainly a philosophy that fine art photographer Josh Lehrer has embraced in his work in recent years in a very literal sense.

Authors in Quogue

Quogue Library’s annual Author Series program lineup will kick off on Sunday, July 26, at 5 p.m. with the first of four virtual conversations between notable authors of recently released books and columnist Andrew Botsford. 

Meet the Female Scientist Who Aimed for the Stars

In the male dominated scientific field of the early 20th century, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin aimed for the moon and made a fundamental discovery. But because she was a woman, she did not receive credit for her accomplishments ... Until now.

Let the Revolution Begin

On Friday, July 24, at 6 p.m., Keyes Art Gallery of Sag Harbor will host an evening with acclaimed fine art photographer and Broadway-world insider Josh Lehrer to celebrate the publication of his newly released book, “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution,” published by Rizzoli New York.

Philanthropists and Artists Create Grant For Struggling Performers, Artists and Art Educators

With professionals in all sorts of arts fields currently suffering from lack of work on the East End, Andrea Grover and other members of the Hamptons Arts Network decided to create a grant program for struggling artists. Then artists Eric Fischl and Clifford Ross jumped into the effort and ran with it.

Good Reads For July

It’s summer on the East End and with July now here, the staff of BookHampton in East Hampton have put together some recommendations from the batch of new releases to take the beach this month.

A Short History Of A Long Wharf

As a result of what was uncovered during the wharf project, which is now nearing completion, Heller has just published a new book, titled “A Short History of Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf.” In it, he takes a look back at the structure that has served as the centerpiece of the village for centuries.

‘The Third Daughter’ Tells The Story of Forced Jewish Prostitution in South America

Zwi Migdal was a Jewish mafia of sorts, and from the 1870s until 1939, it brought an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 young women to South America from Europe and Russia under pretense of a better life. But in fact, these girls were bound for a new country and a life of forced prostitution. In her novel “The Third Daughter," Bridgehampton author Talia Carner tells the little-known story of these women.

Summer Online with BookHampton

BookHampton has a whole series of virtual events coming up now that summer is officially here.

Dermont Will Sign Copies of ‘The Hamptons Kitchen’

Stacy Dermont, co-author of “The Hamptons Kitchen,” a new cookbook that was written with Hillary Davis, will be on hand at the Sag Harbor Farmers Market on Saturday, July 4, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to sign copies of the new book.

Latest Articles

Roadside Attraction: Hans Van de Bovenkamp’s Sculptural Driving Tour

At age 82, Hans Van de Bovenkamp has a twinkle in his eye. Shades of gray tease at the sides of his full, shaggy hair, but it holds its color. His sense of adventure is sharp, his laughter contagious, his creative mind vibrant. Even still, “Now, I’m the old guy,” the sculptor said with a laugh from his longtime home and studio in Sagaponack.

Amy Zerner Channels Feminine Energy in These Troubled Times

iven what’s going on in the world, it seems somehow poetic that just two weeks before the opening of Amy Zerner’s new art exhibition at MM Fine Art in Southampton, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would pass away. That’s because Zerner’s art is centered on goddesses and is imbued with the spirit and energy of strong feminine power, just like Justice Ginsburg, who was arguably this country’s most powerful living female icon.

‘The Eclectic 6’ Create an Artistic Family

At first, they were a half-dozen strangers with one common connection. Now, they’re “The Eclectic 6,” a group of artists organized by Adrienne Pizzolato that will present their inaugural show this weekend at Ashawagh Hall in Springs.