Fine Arts

‘All That Has Been: Our Roots Revealed’ at Sylvester Manor: A History of Three...

The opening reception will feature a preview of the exhibition, along with a meet-and-greet with Dr. Stephen Mrozowski, professor of anthropology.

On Art: Women Look at Themselves

As we mourn the loss of Grumpy Cat, it’s a comfort to know that Sulky Lion is still with us, specifically at the Heather James Gallery in Manhattan.

Fischl and Gornik Plan To Open The Church in 2020

Less than a year after artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik purchased the property for $7 million with plans to create an arts center dedicated to exploration and innovation, the building’s exterior is transformed.

‘East End Echoes’ Opens Sunday at Pollock-Krasner House

The summers of the early 1950s and the late 1980s bracket Glasco’s career in a way Marti Mayo never realized.

Berry Campbell Presents Survey of Frank Wimberley Paintings

Sag Harbor has known 92-year-old artist Frank Wimberley since the 1960s — but in New York, it’s time for a re-introduction.

Water Mill Museum Opens with Members Art Show

The Water Mill Museum artist members represent a diverse group of local talent, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the museum.

Arts-Centric Tour Shines Spotlight on Springs

The artistic legacy in Springs is undeniable, a decades-long haven for artists, filmmakers, creatives and eccentrics.

Candace Hill Montgomery Weaves Threads of Joy and Pain

When Candace Hill Montgomery touches her fingers to the threads — carefully, energetically, sporadically or messily woven through her handmade loom — her mind slows down.

Three Prominent Female Artists Leave Work in Young, Trusted Hands

Artists Kara Hoblin, Ruby Jackson and Denise Gale are no strangers to the curation process.

Parrish Plans Trip to Mana Contemporary

The Parrish Art Museum will continue its popular daytrips to awe-inspiring art destinations on Wednesday, May 22, with an excursion to Mana Contemporary.

Grenning Gallery Debuts Bretzke and Rennert

Carl Bretzke used to be a plein air painter strictly on the side, his medicine practice commanding most of his attention.

Bits & Banter: ‘The Prompter in Rehearsal, Fantasy at Sara Nightingale, LongHouse Open for...

When Bay Street Theater begins Mainstage rehearsals, the summer season is officially upon us.

Parrish Art Museum Requests Annual Funding, With Meeting for Voters First

On Saturday morning, Chris Siefert, deputy director of the Parrish Art Museum, will answer questions about the upcoming vote to approve annual funding for the Water Mill museum.

Robbins Was an Ansel Adams for the East End

April 24 marked Sag Harbor’s second consecutive spring day, and Duncan Darrow and Nancy Greenberg were thinking of Ken Robbins.

‘Fade to Gray’ Reveals Unseen Side of Hurd Hatfield

In person, Hurd Hatfield was charming, witty, a generous host and a loyal friend. But on screen he was complex, lonely and tortured.

Latest Articles

“Romeo and Juliet” Redux, Courtesy of Benatar and Giraldo

Rock superstar Pat Benatar and her husband, Neil Giraldo, after 40 years together, still identify strongly with “Romeo and Juliet.” So much so, in fact, that they’re developing a musical based on the play.

Artist’s Creativity Goes Beyond The Box For East End Hospice

Historically, the Sag Harbor-based painter has conceptualized and executed his annual creation for the East End Hospice “Box Art Auction” months ahead of schedule. Until this year, that is.

Surf’s Up: Photographer Brings Old Techniques To Modern Sports

Joni Sternbach is willing to do what it takes to get the photo. And, in the mid-1990s, that meant hauling her large-format camera to the edge of a bluff in Montauk — over and over, unabashedly trespassing, for the sake of her art.