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Eye on Art: Women of the 9th St. Show

In the November 24, 1975 issue of New York magazine, the art critic Thomas B. Hess reviewed an exhibition of portraits by Elaine de Kooning. Hess, who was himself among her subjects, described her as “one of the sparkling ‘Amazons’ who emerged in the flowering of American painting after World War II and into the 1950’s.” He also mentioned several female artists of the early 20th century Russian avant-garde to whom that “equivocal nickname” had been applied.

Finding Perspective in Springs

Hampton Photo Arts will host "Your World's Perspective," its annual art show at Ashawagh Hall in Springs on Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10.

An Evening of Food and Performance with ‘ÍCAROS’

On Saturday, November 9, at 6:30 p.m., The Watermill Center presents “ÍCAROS,” an artist-curated performance and shared meal.

Comic Relief: Cartoonist Gahan Wilson is looking to Find his way

Even if you don’t know Gahan Wilson’s name, chances are very good that you’ve laughed at his creations in magazines like Playboy, National Lampoon and The New Yorker. For more than two decades, Wilson was a regular fixture in Sag Harbor. But in recent years, life has gotten much more difficult for him. Now 89, Wilson lives in Arizona and is suffering from advanced dementia and a host of other health issues.

Finding Abstract Expressionist treasures in the collection of Guild Hall

For the last four decades, Joan Marter has devoted her life to the exploration of contemporary art. And even she couldn’t believe her eyes as she unraveled the extent of Guild Hall’s permanent collection.

Go on an ‘Odyssey’ at Ashawagh Hall

The work of artists Bill Kiriazis and Scott Sandell will be featured in an exhibition on October 19 and 20 at Ashawagh Hall in Springs.

Meet the Macabre and Mischievous Charles Addams

The man who H. Kevin Miserocchi came to know as the creator of “The Addams Family” did not match the rumors widely circulated about him: for instance, that he slept in a coffin, regularly frequented an asylum for rest and relaxation, and loved to wear a monogrammed straitjacket.

Eye on Art: Looking Into Glass Houses

A few weeks ago, literally at the crack of dawn, an intrepid group assembled at LongHouse Reserve for an excursion to the Glass House and Grace Farms in New Canaan, Connecticut. Both sites are notable for their transparent architecture, but the concept behind each is very different.

Celebrating Sunny Days at Guild Hall

“Sunny Days,” artist Ugo Rondinone’s current installation at Guild Hall, will be the focus of a family celebration at the museum on Saturday, October 5, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Laurie Lambrecht Hits the Road with “Limn to Limb”

Laurie Lambrecht is a self-declared “outdoors person” and always has been — but never before in her artistic installations. The Parrish Road Show has changed that,

OptoSonic Tea Explores Intersection of Sight and Sound

For decades, a small but thriving community of experimental visualists and media artists coexisted in downtown New York. But the outside world disregarded them — casting their work aside as a sub-par art form reserved for nightclubs and the party scene. Then in 2006, video/performance artist Ursula Scherrer and intermedia artist Katherine Liberovskaya decided it was time to shift the narrative.

Photographer Diane Tuft Recognized By Southampton Arts Center

Ms. Tuft was the recipient of the Southampton Arts Center’s Champion of the Arts award earlier this month for her work in telling this story.

Amy Zerner’s Enchanted Worlds on view at MM Fine Art

Amy Zerner’s work, ancient as well as modern in its cross-cultural sweep, is ultimately a sacred art. From September 21 through 30, “Enchanted Worlds: The Spiritual Collages & Tapestries of Amy Zerner” will be on view at MM Fine Art in Southampton.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mickey Paraskevas

It’s fair to say that Michael “Mickey” Paraskevas’s mind doesn’t work in the same way most people’s do. For example, as an artist, he’ll offer a straight forward, lovely, realistic landscape rendering of an Iowa cornfield. Then he’ll push it over the edge by plopping down a giant figure of Mickey Mouse right in the middle of it all.

Slack Tide Time At Duck Creek in Springs

From September 14 to October 13, the Arts Center at Duck Creek in East Hampton hosts “Slack Tide,” a group exhibition curated by Matthew Nichols that features art by peter campus (stet), Cindy Hinant, Matthew Larson, Luke Murphy, Hanna Sandin, Jean Shin, and Carrie Yamaoka.

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