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And Yet They Persisted: A Look Back at the Passage of the Nineteenth...

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” With those few words, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified 100 years ago and women coast to coast officially won the right to vote. For women and the men who supported their struggle for suffrage, it was a long and hard fought battle, and it would take almost 50 years more before Black women were assured their access to the polls as well.

For Tie-Dye Artist Courtenay Pollock, ‘What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been’

On a fall morning in 1969, Courtenay Pollock was strolling down a bucolic country road in northern California when a slightly offbeat farmhouse caught his eye. Before he knew it, his feet were leading him up the driveway and in less than 24 hours, his life had changed forever... Because he had just wandered into the Grateful Dead house.

Arden Scott Takes a Different Tack in her Sculptural Pieces

The Arts Center at Duck Creek in Springs is hosting an outdoor exhibition of sculpture by Greenport-based artist Arden Scott. The show will feature six of Scott’s powder-coated steel sculptures on the grounds at Duck Creek through October 31.

The 19 Poses Inspired By Martha Graham And The 19th Amendment

A multi-disciplinary exhibition of works by Margaret Garrett in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment goes on view this weekend at Planthouse, a gallery in New York City. Titled “19,” the show includes video and painted collages inspired by 19 poses chosen from Martha Graham dances by the Graham company to honor the centennial of women’s right to vote.

A Cloud Garden Sprouts in the Trees at Guild Hall

Things are looking up in East Hampton. At least they are in Guild Hall’s gardens. “Cloud Garden,” a site-specific outdoor installation and community project by East Hampton artist Monica Banks, features delicate, ethereal tangles of wire, deer fencing, and other materials, coupled with multicolored artifacts from the artist’s everyday life, to create mobiles that bring together the childlike love of cloud gazing with the poignancy of art created during a pandemic.

Also Known As: Exploring the Many Faces and Aliases of Cappy Amundsen

The sheer volume of high quality sea and coastal village themed paintings on view now at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum is astounding and is by a select group of artists including André Picot, Dennis Ainsley, W. Hughes, F.H. Mackay and William Ward Jr. But perhaps the most amazing thing about the exhibition is the fact that every painting on view was painted by a single individual — the late C. Hjalmar Amundsen who was known locally around Sag Harbor simply as “Cappy.”

A Field of Dreams: The Parrish Unveils its First-ever Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

As dozens of art enthusiasts roamed the 14-acre grounds of the Parrish Art Museum on the evening of August 20, many unwittingly made history. These were the first people to witness the inaugural outdoor exhibition for the Water Mill institution — featuring sculpture by 10 heavy-hitting artists, as part of a new “Art in the Meadow” initiative to extend the museum galleries.

Southampton Artists Association Goes Back to the Gallery

The Southampton Artists Association's Labor Day show marks a return to live exhibitions at the Southampton Cultural Center. On view will be oils, acrylics, mixed media, sculpture and photography by about 40 local artists. The work remains on view through Sunday, September 13.

‘About The Light’ at Keyes Gallery

On September 5, Keyes Gallery at 53 Main Street in Sag Harbor opens “About the Light,” a new exhibition featuring mid-century work by artists Fay Lansner and Lester Johnson.

A Look at Indigenous Artists and their Work

Preservation Long Island launches a new virtual exhibition, “Indigenous History & Art at Good Little Water Place,” on September 3. Artwork from nine contemporary Indigenous artists centers the exhibition.

The Grateful Dead And Tie Dye Arts

VSOP Projects, Greenport Tie Dye Arts, and Hero Beach Club have collaborated to present an exhibition of artworks by Courtenay Pollock, the long time tie dye artist for The Grateful Dead. The show will be held for one weekend only — September 11 to 13, at Hero Beach Club's seaside courtyard in Montauk.

Darius Yektai’s ‘Darklight’ Portraits

The Arts Center at Duck Creek in Springs is pleased to announce “Darklight,” an exhibition of six large-scale self-portrait paintings by artist Darius Yektai. The show will be open to the public September 5 to 27, Thursday through Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. The artist will be present at the gallery on Sundays.

Local History on View at East Hampton Library

The Long Island Collection had installed four new exhibits in the front lobby display cases at the East Hampton Library just before the library was forced to close in March for the Coronavirus. Now, patrons are finally able to see the exhibits in person, which will remain up until September.

The Dragon’s In The Details: Origami Masters Hope for Guinness World Record

Two men set out recently to achieve a Guinness World Record for origami. And they just might have made it.

Tasting Freedom: Photographer Lindsay Morris Collaborates With Teens In Time Of Quarantine

“How is COVID-19 affecting you?” Ask this question in a room, or more likely in a Zoom meeting, and the emotional ache and real injuries caused by the pandemic will be insufficiently expressed. Ask it of teens, and you'll get an even more complicated answer.

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Remembering The Free Life 50 Years Later

They would float up the coast to Maine. There, they would catch the westerlies that would blow them the 2,500 miles to Europe. Up there, in the beauty and the silence, you hear the true noise of the sea coming up at you. There was plenty of food on board, stocked with salamis and cheeses — fatty food to keep them warm and filled — water, Champagne for celebrating, of course, plus some emergency supplies. But it turns out the crew of The Free Life, a seven-story high Roziére balloon that lifted off from a field in Springs 50 years ago this week, would not need it.

A Father Shares Advice: In his Book, Richie Jackson offers a Road Map...

At the age of 15, when Jackson Foo Wong came out and told his parents that he was gay, his father, Richie Jackson, a TV and theater producer based in New York City, couldn’t have been more delighted. That’s because for Jackson, being gay had long been an important defining feature of his own life.

‘Fathers and Daughters’ Focus of BCK Exhibition

The BCK Fine Arts Gallery in Montauk presents its next exhibition, “Fathers and Daughters,” from September 16 to October 7. This group exhibition consists of the paintings of two men, Albert Kresch and Leland Bell, who met in New York City in the early 1940s. Accompanying these are the works of their daughters, Temma Bell and Elizabeth Kresch. Born decades apart, these two women followed the career paths shared by both their fathers and mothers.