Saving Main Street Has Paid Off in Other Communities

It was an idyllic downtown, its streets lined by mom-and-pop shops, dotted with chatty neighbors walking to and from their quaint homes, leading even quainter lives. Until it wasn’t.

A History of Arts in Sag Harbor and Its Connection to the Future

In a village anchored by cultural institutions on the north and south end of Main Street — and soon to be the middle — the thriving arts scene is intrinsically and undeniably linked with economics.

Retailers: Shop Local and We Can Thrive

Try to take the temperature of the retail industry on Sag Harbor’s Main Street, and the local merchants by whose thermometers it can be measured will offer a range of results.

Main Street: The Survey

As part of our research to explore the best way forward for the Sag Harbor commercial district, we turned to the community for advice.

Main Street Roundtable: Looking to the Past with an Eye on the Future

Most, if not all, residents of Sag Harbor and those who spend time here as second homeowners or visitors agree the character of the village is worth saving and worth fighting for. 

‘Express Sessions’ Revisits Affordable Housing, Finds Progress Has Been Made

That was one of the takeaways on Friday at the American Hotel, when The Express sponsored a second “Express Sessions” panel discussion on the topic of affordable housing.

Housing for Seniors, Disabled Became a Recurring Theme

Panelists and community members shared ideas that could benefit senior citizens and people with disabilities who may struggle to find affordable housing.

Filmmaker Shooting Ghost Story at American Hotel in Sag Harbor

Ari Selinger’s love affair with Sag Harbor began with summertime visits when he was a young kid and continued with winter visits into his adult years.

Ninth Annual HarborFrost Brings Fire and Ice to Sag Harbor

The Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce presented HarborFrost on Saturday, February 23, with ice carving, fire dancing, and live music around town.

In Other News: ARF Receives Grant, High School Food Pantry, CPF Down

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare, Ltd. has awarded the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons a three-year grant.

A Hidden World That Existed in Plain Sight

In the heart of the East End, there is a place that dates back 11 generations — located on an 8,000-acre island that Nathaniel Sylvester and his wife, Grizzell, bought from the Manhansett Indians in 1651.

Working Together to Support Local People in Need of Food

On the South Fork, a network of pantries, churches, schools and social service entities work together to tackle the issue of food insecurity.

New Pastor Inspires a Bridgehampton Congregation

Reverend Tisha Williams is the first woman to hold the position of senior pastor at the First Baptist Church in Bridgehampton.

South Fork Bakery Becomes a Nonprofit

The South Fork Bakery is officially a nonprofit.

State Preservation Office Needs to Hear from SANS Residents

New York State is inching closer to adding Sag Harbor’s traditionally African-American neighborhoods to its Register of Historic Places, and recommending them for consideration on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Whales Have a Long Time To Wait for a Baseball Game

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S. Sgt. Edwin R. Bill: Tennessee Mountain Proved More Deadly Than 38 B-17 Missions

Memorial Day is about remembering those men and women who gave their lives for their country, including those whom time is beginning to erase from living memory.One was Edwin Woodruff Bill, a descendant of whaling captains on both sides of his family tree who was born and raised in Sag Harbor.