Carefully Canning Your Favorite Brew at Jack’s


By Lindsay AndarakisJSBC-CAN_FRONT

Thirteen years ago, Jack Mazzola founded Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee in NYC. His newest location opened several weeks ago in Sag Harbor and there’s good news for people that enjoy Jack’s Coffee and want to brew it at home. You can buy a 12 oz. can of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee that is Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Stir Roasted all for $17.95.

Mr. Mazzola has been involved with the crop-to-cup movement for 15 years and has built relationships with the small farms that they source their coffee from. “Specifically and always and nothing but certified organic, we don’t even look at anything that’s not certified,” Mr. Mazzola said.

He makes it a priority to keep high quality coffee in the can and pesticides out. As far as choosing a can, he said he loves the nostalgic idea. “While I was actually building this first space I had some old, vintage cans in the front of the pitcher window of the shop in Greenwich Village so me being a fan of old New York and nostalgia, I just couldn’t wait for the opportunity to produce a Jack’s can,” he said.

Here in Sag Harbor, the only way to purchase their coffee beans is in a can. When you finish it, you can creatively re-purpose it for something else, or bring it to any of Jack’s stores for a 12 oz. refill at $12.95. It supports the sustainability movement; similar to bringing your own bag when you grocery shop and they offer discounts when you shop at certain places in town and get a stamp. You can choose to buy the coffee in a variety of different grounds; paper, metal, French press, Espresso or whole bean.

While they use an electronic roaster, the Jack’s team has managed to keep a hands-on approach with their customer in mind. “I kind of look at coffee like produce; we could roast up a large amount of coffee and just keep it in the basement, but that’s not what we do. We run out of coffee every week and we get fresh roasted coffee for our stores every week, one of my highest priorities and it always has been, the consistency for that,” Mr. Mazzola said.

They sourced out all the right material for the can, making sure that it was completely recyclable. Although using the cans was an investment up front, in time, it makes sense for them financially and for the environment. Sag Harbor seems to have embraced this canned sensation.

Mr. Mazzola feels that your local coffee shop is really your third place. There’s home, there’s work, and then there’s the coffee shop. He expressed how incredibly important he felt it was to be involved in and supportive of the community that you operate in and getting to know the people that love your product.

Jack’s takes pride in really knowing where your coffee is coming from, and that’s why customers are so supportive. “We are the only certified organic, fair-trade coffee bar that serves exclusively organic coffee probably in New York and out on the East End, so that’s a big thing differentiating us from everyone else,” Mr. Mazzola said.