Cards, Coaching and Cocktails at the Maidstone

Laura Gevanter. Photo by Tanya Malott

The law of attraction is based on the principle that what you focus your attention and energy on, you can will get more of. This is the foundation of Laura Gevanter’s conscious alignment coaching services in which she works to identify and clear a client’s limiting beliefs and replace those ideas with empowering and soul-aligned beliefs. Her Sag Harbor-based practice focuses on the three elements of human existence: body, mind, and soul. When these three are aligned, Gevanter says we can create what we want in our lives with ease, joy and fun.

The most common reason people seek Gevanter’s services recently is because of relationship issues, primarily after they have come to their own realization it begins with the individual. “It’s more about them recognizing that it starts with them and their awareness and how conscious they are in the relationship and not blaming the other person for their unhappiness” she explains. “The shift is in wanting to look at their role in the relationship and how through their own work the relationship can evolve. It’s very exciting to see this.”

Gevanter also works with people looking to transition into a new career, whether starting a business of their own or finding a new field, health issues, weight loss, interest in discovering their purpose, or beginning a new creative project. Using the law of attraction can help her clients reach their individual goals.

“Everything in the universe has a specific energetic vibration and like-vibrations are attracted to each other,” Gevanter says. “What many people many not be aware of is that not only do humans have vibrational energy that they put out into the world but our thoughts have their own vibration as well and attract more like-minded thoughts. Sounds pretty wild, but when you have an awareness of this and can harness that, your life will forever be changed.”

In this idea, becoming aware of your individual thought process and feelings on a daily basis is the first step in making a change. Thinking about what can go wrong or complaining about a current situation will continue to attract those same issues. By shifting those thoughts and finding clarity on what you want and focusing on it will lead to those desired opportunities presenting themselves.

Disregarding words like “bad” and “negative” in terms of thought, Gevanter’s practice is not about fixing what is wrong, rather changing things in your life if you want your life to change. She holds a psychology degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a life coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in New York City. Most recently, she became a certified Psych-K facilitator.

“Up until recently I only worked with clients via Skype or over the phone and had clients all over the world,” Gevanter says. “When I recently became a Psych-K Facilitator, which requires working in-person with clients, I decided to open up my practice to seeing clients locally, especially since this is such specialized work that could benefit many people.”

Sessions last for one to one-and-a-half hours. Gevanter begins with learning about a client’s background and helps to provide clarity on their goals. Together, they explore a client’s current beliefs, what may be blocking them from reaching their goals, and work on how they can get consciously aligned to become the vibrational match they are seeking. Psych-K balances come into play where an individual’s perception of a belief is changed through a process involving muscle testing. To further assist the process, Gevanter recommends daily practices at home such as journaling, visualization, and meditation.

While coaching is an unregulated industry that some may view as ineffective, Gevanter says her work is both backed by her education, years of self-study, and intuition. There are also different types of coaching. “I would suggest to someone interested in hiring a coach is that they find someone who has been professionally trained and who’s background and philosophy aligns with their own,” Gevanter says. “Some coaches are more practical and action oriented, whereas my work begins with getting clients energetically aligned.”


Gevanter will join psychic intuitive Christiana McMahon on Thursday, September 20 at the Maidstone for Cards, Coaching, and Cocktails from 7 to 9 p.m. Registration information is available at