CAC Eyes Recycling


By David McCabe

The Sag Harbor Citizen’s Advisory Committee continued in their efforts to make it easier for Village residents to recycle hazardous materials on Friday, when they approved a draft of a letter to be sent to Christine Fetten, the Southampton Town Director of Municipal Works, that asserts their position that town dumps should include on-site disposal for hazardous materials.

In the letter, which will be sent by Sam Holmes, who attended the meeting on Friday, the writers raised concerns over the town’s recommendation that residents look to electronics retailers like Radio Shack for a place to recycle old batteries.

“Again, we fear that many people will not make trips to Radio Shack, etc, but will just drop the batteries into a green bag, and that the toxics [sic] will again end up in landfills and the groundwater,” they wrote.

The letter also expressed the committee’s worries that Southampton Town lacks adequate facilities for processing expired florescent lightbulbs. The members of the CAC suggested in the letter that a disposal container be set up at each of the town’s dumps.

They also encouraged the town to post signs at the dumps telling residents — especially those who only come to Southampton Town in the summer — what to do with other toxic materials.

The committee once again discussed what they allege to be illegal dumping on Townline Road as well as an informal gun club that they said were gathering at the top of the road. In the case of the latter, committee members said, they worry about the risk of lead leaking into the soil from bullets

And while concerns about chemical pollution dominated the conversation on Friday, noise pollution got its due as well. Committee members expressed dismay at rumors that all traffic into the East Hampton Airport was being directed over Southampton and its environs. Stephen Schumann, a committee member, said he frequently sees helicopter flying over his property.

“I look straight up [from] my deck and you see the bellies of them,” he said.