Business Briefs for October 1, 2020

Cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening of Hampton Coffee Company’s Montauk Café recently are (L-R) Manager Maria Santos, Facilities Director Orvil Atkinson, Co-owner Theresa Belkin, District Manager Jenn Murdock, Co-owner Jason Belkin, and Manager Juliana Cota with Jason and Theresa’s children Oran (L) and Cian Belkin (R) holding the giant scissors.

Oktoberfest Specials at Townline BBQ and Rowdy Hall

Townline BBQ, 3593 Montauk Highway in Sagaponack, will offer Oktoberfest specials through October 4, as will Rowdy Hall, 10 Main Street in East Hampton

At Town Line, a giant Bavarian pretzel, with special growlers of Shiner Okotoberfest and Schflay Pumpkin ale, will be available throughout the two weeks, as will a curated selection of Oktoberfest beers. Other specials, available for in-house dining or to-go at different times throughout the Oktoberfest celebration, including Haxen, also known as smoked pork shank, with maple sweet potatoes.

At Rowdy Hall, October 2 through October 4, the special entrée will be Kassier Tippchen with potato pancake and applesauce with a Black Forest torte with cherry compote, whipped cream and chocolate curls available for desert.

For more information, call 631-537-2271 or visit

Hampton Coffee Appoints Locals As New Marketing Manager, CFO

Hampton Coffee Company has announced the appointment of Joanna Messina of Calverton as its new PR and marketing manager. A graduate of Loyola University Maryland, Ms. Messina previously worked in marketing for Black & Decker in California. Ms. Messina was a marketing intern and baristas at Hampton Coffee Company during college. Her responsibilities include the company’s online ordering and rewards platforms and social media.

Hampton Coffee Company’s business manager, Fred Jaeck of Southampton, has been promoted to chief financial officer. Mr. Jaeck is a graduate of Baruch College and has served in a variety of positions at the company previous to becoming CFO. Before re-joining Hampton Coffee Company three years ago, he worked as business manager for a group of restaurants in New York City.

“The appointment of Joanna and the promotion of Fred make us particularly proud,” said Hampton Coffee Company CEO Jason Belkin. “One of our long-term goals here is to be able to offer professional career positions so that our former student baristas can come back to us after college and work experience and be able to be a part of our team again but in a new long-term way.”

As Hampton Coffee Company has expanded over the past 25 years and has grown to five espresso bars & cafes and Long Island’s largest independent coffee roaster-retailer, it has been able to bring back many former student employees into career positions.

Last week, the company also celebrated the opening of its Montauk branch, at the corner of Montauk Highway and Carl Fisher Plaza. Hampton Coffee Company in Montauk features a large outdoor patio seating area for guests to enjoy as well as a covered porch for inclement weather. Proceeds from a grand opening and ribbon cutting benefited the Montauk Fire Department.

The Montauk location is managed by locals Juliana Cota of Water Mill and Maria Santos of Southampton.

“We have been wanting to open in Montauk for so long,” said Mr. Belkin. “We were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to become a part of this community. Until now, we didn’t have any locations east of our Water Mill café, so we hope this is just the first of several new Hampton Coffee locations we can open in the Town of East Hampton.”

East End Tick Announces New Granular Winter Tick Treatment

Brian Kelly, tick control expert and owner of East End Tick & Mosquito Control, 214 North Sea Road in Southampton, wants East End residents to know that the arrival of fall and winter does not mark the end of tick season. In fact, ticks are active and search for blood when the temperatures are above freezing. Last winter, every day exceeded 35 degrees and there will be plenty of warm days this winter, too.

Despite the cooler months, ticks are still able to detect the carbon dioxide that is being released from the warm-blooded animals and humans. After a tick feeds on a host, female adults lay their eggs underneath leaf litter and in the spring and summer months, the eggs will hatch resulting in the start of a new tick population. To prevent this issue, East End Tick & Mosquito has announced a new granular winter tick treatment, Tick Shield.

“It’s crucial to continue taking preventative measures and checking for ticks because they are still active and in search of a blood meal whenever temperatures exceed 32 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Mr. Kelly.

The product, Talstar XTRA Granular controls ticks for 45 days that can be found in woods, leaves, and mulch surrounding a property. The technicians will perform a granular tick control treatment into the perimeter surrounding the property.

Tick Shield applications will take place between the months of December and March, and customers can call East End Tick and Mosquito Control in Southampton at 631-287-9700, in East Hampton at 631-324-9700 and in Southold at 631-765-9700 to schedule their winter tick control treatments.