Bringing Fitness Back to the Outdoors

Hamptons Gym Corp. has started an outdoor division for morning and evening workouts. Kristin Kremers photo

Getting back to the simplicity of the outdoors and the experience of physical movement, Hamptons Gym Corp. is launching their new Outdoor Division with championship windsurfer Jesper Vesterstroem at the helm. Outdoor fitness programs have long been in demand for the health club with locations in East Hampton, Southampton, and Sag Harbor. Managing partner Bruce Cotter says it is something the company has thought of for some time but needed the right individual to lead the way. Now with Vesterstroem taking the reins, they are ready to move forward for the 2018 season.

“This has been on our radar for some time,” Cotter says of Outdoor Division.  “We couldn’t start this program with just anyone, we needed the right leader.”

Vesterstroem is a veteran personal trainer who will aim to work with small groups — a maximum of four people — to offer high intensity workouts that focus on movement and form. Sharing that these smaller groups will allow him to focus on each individual to prevent injury, he says he will also offer clients an experience rather than just a workout, a vision he and Cotter share.

“I wanted to do it outdoors but also make it an experience rather than a boot camp,” Vesterstroem explains. “I don’t want people to be scared and think it’s going to be a guy yelling at them the whole time. That’s so not my thing. It’s about focusing on the experience, health, and movement. Everything is scalable to each person’s needs.”

Classes will be offered in the mornings and evenings around sunrise and sunset, offering convenience for clients and comfortable conditions at some of the South Fork’s most beautiful locations from Sag Harbor to East Hampton. Because programs will take place outdoors, they will be weather dependent and only canceled in severe conditions. The bay side will also be ideal as opposed to the ocean side depending on the breeze.

Dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, and more will be incorporated into various programs. Vesterstroem says that people often skip post-workout stretches due to time constraints, something fitness trainers caution against. As part of Outdoor Division’s program, an active cool-down will take place via standup paddleboards to also get people out on the water. “I love the outdoors and the simplicity of it. Vitamin D, fresh air, and saltwater are what you need,” Vesterstroem says. “When you swing kettlebells into the sunset it is amazing. It’s not just a physical experience.”

A championship windsurfer who has achieved a number one ranking in the world and has won several International Windsurfing Championships, Vesterstroem has worked with several fitness trainers throughout the years. Saying he has always been fascinated by it, his own experiences have led him down a path of helping people get fit in a fun way. His career has also landed him on the covers of Men’s Healthand Men’s Fitnessmagazines, and he has worked with notable fashion brands including Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Pirelli, and Skagen watches.

In addition to Outdoor Division instruction, Vesterstroem will also offer championship level instruction in windsurfing on the East End six days per week. “It’s a great program for kids to learn how to be champions,” Vesterstroem says. “Classes are kept exclusive to focus on only a few at a time to guarantee success, but instruction will be available for all ages. If you are trying to find a way to pry your child away from their video games when the sun is shining high and bright, this is a perfect healthy alternative.”

Hampton Gym Corp.’s Outdoor Division is launching this Memorial Day weekend. Clients will be able to make appointments online or via an app, which will be live in the coming days. Find more information at