Bridgehampton School Expansion Project On Track, Builder Tells School Board

A drone photo of the construction. COURTESY SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT HAUSER

Construction of the Bridgehampton School’s $29.4 million expansion project is underway and on schedule, representatives from School Construction Consultants Inc., the contractors doing the work, said at an August 28 Board of Education meeting.

Robert Caliendo and Chuck Quinn from the company offered a 90-day look-ahead at the work, which crews began in November 2018 by excavating to prepare for the 35,000-square-foot expansion of the school building.

The project includes a new gymnasium, cafeteria, fitness center, locker rooms and a technology room in the expanded school building. In addition, renovations are planned for the existing library and classrooms. The project is expected to be completed in December 2020.

Stalco Construction of Islandia was chosen to handle general construction and will continue weekly Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan inspections, until no longer required, Mr. Caliendo said, as members looked out the cafeteria window to see the large steel beams and concrete footings.

Footings are 100 percent complete, Mr. Caliendo confirmed, and the last foundation for the fitness center will be completed before September 6.

In addition, backfilling, the process of placing the excavated soil back around the foundations are complete, except for the fitness centers, which should be worked on from September 12 to 17, weather permitting, the consultants said.

Concrete slabs have been poured for the music suite, locker rooms and basement, as well.
The structural steel work which began on August 22, is estimated to be completed by September 27, weather permitting.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to steel, especially, steel and iron workers cannot work when there is rain outside. It becomes a slippery situation,” Mr. Caliendo stressed to the board, adding that rain prevents that work from taking place.

Mr. Caliendo explained that the mason contractor will work under a tentative schedule from October 1 to January 31. He said it could be unsafe in some situations for the masons to work in the same area as the steel contractors.

“If we feel it’s unsafe, we’re going to bring it to your attention,” Mr. Caliendo said, explaining that the mason workers could work on other portions of the school building while the steel construction crews work in other areas. “That’s why we put the tentative date.”
The existing gym locker room shower bases and shower poles for both locker rooms have been removed, in addition to the existing emergency fire escape stairs in both locker rooms.

Stalco Construction has installed four storm pool systems on the east side of the addition, and National Grid and Stalco Construction are currently coordinating the re-commissioning of existing gas service to the outer buildings.

Palace Electrical Contractors of Wantagh are set to deliver and install new switchgear in the existing basement from September 3 to the 16.

Ambrosio & Company of Ronkonkoma completed rough-in of slabs for the kitchen, faculty toilets and locker rooms, in addition to disconnecting the existing gym locker room showers.

“As far as the footings and the foundation go, I know sometimes building too fast is not good in terms of settling,” School Board President Ronald White noted, “making sure that the ground is settled.”

To that, Mr. Caliendo confirmed that engineering agencies have undergone compaction testing, and to continue working, they must meet a certain criterion, adding that his firm has all of the reports from the companies regarding the footing’s safety.

“We’re doing everything according to the engineers, and following their guidelines,” Mr. Caliendo said.