Bridgehampton School Changes Attendance Policy; School To Be in Session on November 7

The Bridgehampton School. Michael Heller photo

Bridgehampton School Changes Attendance Policy

To align with federal and state changes in education policy, the Bridgehampton School District has updated its attendance policy to cap the number of absences a student can have before he or she loses credit.

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act suggests a maximum of 18 absences for a full-year course. The district previously allowed a student to have 30 absences for a full-year course, but the school board last week approved a resolution updating that to 24 absences. The maximum number of absences for a half-year course went from 15 to 12, and for a one-quarter course, allowable absences went from eight to six.

“We’re not going to jump right to 18. It’s a huge move,” superintendent/principal Dr. Lois Favre said during a public hearing on the new policy on October 18. “In the four years I’ve been principal, I’ve only denied credit to two students because of 30 absences.”

She emphasized the district was not making the change “because there are problems here,” but rather due to the federal and state rule changes. She said parents will be kept in the loop when absences pile up, and excessive absences may result in disciplinary action.

“Keep an eye on it,” Dr. Favre said. “Do we need another adjustment to it? If they’re doing ok, you might not.”

Bridgehampton To Hold Regular Classes on Election Day

Students in Bridgehampton will now have regularly scheduled classes on Tuesday, November 7, which is also Election Day.

Students initially had the day off for a superintendent’s conference day, on which only faculty and staff were to report to school. However, due to a change in professional development plans, administrators said, the conference day has been rescheduled to January 12, 2018, and students will have that day off from school instead of November 7.