Bridgehampton Reports on Test Scores


While the results of Bridgehampton School’s most recent state tests are somewhat varied, the scores still “look good,” according to Bridgehampton School Superintendent Dr. Lois Favre.

Dr. Favre made the announcement at the board of education’s October 24 meeting, during which she and Bridgehampton Principal Jack Pryor presented the results of the 2011-2012 scores for students in the district.

At the same time, she noted that looking at percentages of passing rates is not always the most accurate way of determining student success.

“It’s hard to look at the percentages and gather any real meaning from them,” she said. “What I like to look at more so is how our students are doing with regard to [average] cut scores.”

For example, while only two out of four Bridgehampton third graders passed the English/Language Arts (ELA) exam, the average cut score was 660, which is right near the state average of 663.

Sixty four percent of fourth graders, 64 percent of fifth graders, 78 percent of sixth graders, 38 percent of seventh graders and 60 percent of eighth graders passed the ELA (English Language Arts) exams. At the same time, no third graders, 71 percent of fourth graders, 73 percent of fifth graders, 90 percent of sixth graders, 44 percent of seventh graders and 33 percent of eighth graders passed the math exams.

Dr. Favre and Pryor noted that Bridgehampton is a particularly small school, and nearly 25 percent of its students are new each year. With a sizeable “transient” community in Bridgehampton, many of their students attend the school for only a year or two.

“The best thing to look at is exit exams — 11th grade English, 11th grade social studies — where they are when it’s time to leave,” said Pryor.

For example, 100 percent of students scored 65 or above on the exams for English 11, U.S. history, Earth Science, Living Environment and Chemistry, said Dr. Favre. The rates of passing for other subjects were as follows – 86 percent for Integrated Algebra, 65 percent for Geometry, 89 percent for Algebra 2/Trigonometry and 86 percent for Global Studies.

“There is an absolute, direct correlation between the number of years a student has been in Bridgehampton and the level of their success,” said Pryor. “So the system works, you just have a lot of variables in this community.”