Breathe: Yoga for Inner Peace the Latest from Saidman Yee

Colleen Saidman Yee, center, has a new instructional video available online.

At the urging of her roommate, Colleen Saidman Yee walked into her first yoga class in Manhattan.

That was three decades ago and she’s never looked back. Christened “The First Lady of Yoga” by The New York Times, the Sag Harbor-based Saidman Yee recently published “Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom.” It has sold 30,000 copies, but something was missing: an adjacent yoga course for her readers.

“I know that it was not easy to practice the sequences from the book,” Saidman Yee said in a statement. “It is awkward to keep propping the book open and reading and following the poses from pictures. Yoga Journal saw an opportunity to take ‘Yoga for Life’ and make it digital. We spent the winter together visualizing, filming and finally bringing to fruition a course based on the book.”

Her three-month course, “Yoga for Inner Peace,” is an intimate and personal retreat experience to help transform body, mind and heart in a personal journey toward inner peace and contentment. Students will receive three yogic practices per week; a weekly, guided meditation, pranayama and asana practice; journaling; and a closed Facebook group committed to the journey.

In addition, Saidman Yee will be available though social media, webinars and blogs. No questions will go unanswered, she said.

“Whether you are combating stress in today’s chaotic world or simply connecting and revealing your true self, Saidman Yee’s instruction for life on and off the mat will support you in believing in yourself,” according to the course website. “Can you say to the world, ‘I. Am. Enough.’? You will after diving into the deepest, most inspiring yogic journey today.”

The cost of the course is $350. For more information, visit