Breathe: Live Well and Retreat

Guests at the retreat will enjoy this beach in Tulum. Courtesy photo.

When Lisa Zaloga and Heidi Humes of ZalogaYoga host their “Live Well” retreats, they have a mission: to encourage people to be better humans and better travelers.

They approach the journey not as a bucket list, but as a search for deeper experience and meaning — to trade popular sites for local establishments, and to grow as individuals.

Their goal is no different for their upcoming Tulum experience, a five-day getaway to the beaches of Mexico from February 26 to March 1, 2020.

“It is our mission to bring us closer to each other, this world and eventually to ourselves,” Zaloga, a senior teacher at Mandala Yoga Center & Healing Arts in Amagansett, and Humes said in a joint statement. “We love traveling, exploring and wandering.”

Designed to celebrate life both on and off the mat, daily activities in Tulum will include morning yoga intensives with adjustments and intelligent sequencing, pre-practice juices, coffee and smoothies, buffet brunch, and private ocean access and concierge for Tulum excursions.

“In true ZalogaYoga form, what happens next begins your real adventure,” the website said. “Bask in the sun on your private chaise, exercise your credit card at one of the street-lined specialty boutiques, explore the mystical cenotes, dive into the infinite blue, order a margarita, take a nap-repeat.”

Each day concludes with a variety of optional activities, before retiring to either oceanfront or garden accommodations.

“Our evening events will stay with you long after the trip is over,” the website says. “Experience an authentic sweat lodge, or Temazcal, led by one of Tulum’s most sought after Shamanic leaders. Immerse yourself in vibrational healing as you luxuriate in the transporting music of our Sound Bath. With over a decade of enjoying Tulum and all it has to offer, we are excited to share what keeps us healthy, happy and feeling namaste in this very special part of the world.”

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