Breathe: Joy of the Yogini

Collen Saidman Yee

Femininity is strength and sweetness, passion and grace. It is depth, lightheartedness, confidence and vulnerability.

But perhaps, most importantly, it is nearly impossible to define.

Colleen Saidman Yee encourages women to learn what the word means to them during “Joy of the Yogini,” her 11th annual all-women’s retreat from Friday, September 28, to Sunday, September 30, at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York.

A scene at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York.

“Participants will spend the weekend unlocking their potential and joy by shedding layers of resistance through pranayama, yoga asana, meditation and aromatherapy,” according to a press release. “In addition to the more structured sessions, we will honor and celebrate our femininity together through meaningful conversations in the dining room, laughter on the trails, and dancing by the bonfire.”

To enhance the experience, there will be a sweat lodge, body workers, an astrologer, group meals and more, the release said.

“This is a rare and unique opportunity to transform your life by cleansing, communing and practicing together in a very intimate environment, nestled in a breathtaking landscape,” it said. “Go home refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed, empowered by your fullest expression as a woman.”

Women of all levels of yoga practice are welcome. Rates start at $660. For more information, visit