Botanic Verses Solo Exhibit of Dominique Rousserie at Tripoli Gallery


Paphbella Tulum, 2016 by Dominique Rousserie. Pigments on canvas, 36 x 28 inches. Image Courtesy, artist.

The Tripoli Gallery will present “Botanic Verses,” its first solo exhibition with Dominique Rousserie from June 16 to July 10. The exhibit will feature new paintings of plant species gathered from his world travels, with the reception on June 17 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Rousserie’s interest in plants stems from his lifelong observances of the natural world. The plants encountered in his travels maintain an enduring charm, despite diverse origins. Whether he is in the Amazon living with Peruvian shamans, or studying wild orchids in the North of Thailand, he seeks to “discover and create a unifying vision of nature.”

Each painting presents a portrayal of a specific plant and its ability to captivate humanity through its psychotropic or medicinal properties.

“What we are facing are more than simple images, they are actual portraits of plants… Rousserie strives to reach the plant’s inner soul and personality. His paintings are not just the scientific plates of a herbarium, they are psalms, botanic verses, litanies humbly and relentlessly addressed to the plants,” Gérard Barrière a writer, philosopher and friend said.

Rousserie was born in 1960 in Metz, France. His work is included in the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber in Caracas, Brazilian Museum of Sculpture MuBE, Foundation Coprim in Paris, Foundation Banco Patricio in Buenos Aires and in private collections internationally. He currently maintains a studio in St. Barthélemy, while continuing his travels abroad.

The Tripoli Gallery is located at 30a Jobs Lane
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