Boosted: Pierson Spirit Night is Biggest Ever

Members of the junior class during the Pierson High School Pep Rally held in the school's gymnasium on Friday, 1/25/19. Michael Heller photos

The Sag Harbor Booster Foundation presented its biggest Spirit Night ever, according to members of the board who worked a “mobbed” concession stand over the course of many hours and two varsity basketball games. Laura Matthers, a board member with the Booster Foundation, said the 8th annual Spirit Night was, by far, the most attended ever.

“Our primary mission is to enrich the lives of the kids of Sag Harbor and we think bringing the elementary kids over for this special experienced has been great,” Matthers said. “Whether they are singing with the chorus or participating in the games, it was a win/win for everyone. This is our give back event and we are so happy to be able to keep it going.”

The night included two varsity basketball games, both of which were won by Pierson: See additional coverage. 

The Sag Harbor Booster Foundation is a community-based non-profit organization that supports and provides funding for an assortment of enrichment opportunities for the children of the Sag Harbor School District. More information can be found online at

The different classes waged war with each other in a spirited game of dodgeball.
The senior class released balloons and confetti.
Senior Ryan Duryea with the Whalers’ “spear.”
The first combined Bridgehampton-Pierson cheerleading team performed a routine.
The Sag Harbor Youth Hoop basketball teams were introduced to the crowd in a parade as part of the Sag Harbor or Booster Foundation’s 8th annual Spirit Night.
The Sag Harbor Youth Hoop basketball teams.
The Sag Harbor Youth Hoop basketball teams.
The Pierson Robotics Team shoots ping pong balls from a homemade gun as their robot sweeps the court.
Pierson seniors wiggle their fingers for good luck during the Pierson boys basketball team’s win over the Ross School.