Bomb-Threat Email Identified as Hoax by Sag Harbor, State Police

The American Hotel. Christine Sampson photo

An email threatening the presence of a “two-bottle liquid explosive” at The American Hotel on Monday was identified as a hoax almost immediately, Sag Harbor Village Police Chief Austin J. McGuire said this week, but was investigated nonetheless.

The email, which was received directly by Sag Harbor Police Sgt. Kenneth Marangio, seemed to attempt to mimic the “swatting” incident that occurred at the hotel in December. It triggered Sag Harbor police to disconnect the camera on Main Street this week, Chief McGuire said on Tuesday.

According to a police report, the email said, “Trump should step back,” and threatened to cause damage to “the environment” if that did not occur. The New York State Police were also called to help investigate. The agencies evaluated the hotel and surrounding area, and did not find any actual threat. The report indicates New York State Police are still investigating the matter.

“It was not very credible from the get-go,” Chief McGuire said. “I doubt it was local. There was incorrect grammar with a couple of things that tended to tell you that.”