A Bird’s Eye View with Alex Ferrone

Flow of Green and Blue by Alex Ferrone from Aerial Observations

Perhaps without meaning to, Alex Ferrone holds a title in the tri-state area.

She is the region’s sole female aerial photographer shooting fine art and commercially by helicopter — completely self-taught, yet honing her artistic niche.

A new body of her work, “Elevated Vision: Aerial Observations of Alex Ferrone,” is currently on view at Peconic Landing Theater Gallery in Greenport, which will host a reception on Friday, July 20, from 4 to 6 p.m.

“As a fine art photographer with varying artistic influences, I aspire to see differently as I explore my environment from diverse angles. Through aerial photography, I have naturally abstracted various colors, textures, and shades of waters and particular landscapes that shed unusual perspectives of everyday panoramas,” Ferrone said in an artist’s statement. “Generally leaving out representational elements within the images leaves the viewer little or no reference to reality, and challenges their perception of the mystery within the natural form, shape and line. Presenting this unique perspective for the viewer excites their imagination and interpretation, while at the same time, creates a new awareness and appreciation for the fragile ecological systems that surround us and can be taken for granted.”

The gallery is located at 1500 Brecknock Road in Greenport, and the exhibit will remain on view through November 30. For more information, call (631) 477-3800 or email info@eastendarts.org.