Ban Bamboo


It’s seeping through your sewers and air conditioning vents. It’s strong enough to crush brick. And it’s almost impossible to kill.

No, it’s not the plot of some B horror movie. It’s bamboo — and it’s destroying properties in the Village of Sag Harbor.

At a meeting of the Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustees, Sag Harbor resident, Pat Field, proposed the village adopt a law that states homeowners who plant bamboo must keep it from spreading within 20-foot properties. Under the proposal, homeowners who allowed their bamboo to spread would be charged $500 a month and forced to remove the plants.

Mayor Brian Gilbride and Trustee Robby Stein have expressed interest in the legislation.

At the Sag Harbor Express, we agree this legislation should be explored. Bamboo is a destructive force that can destroy plants and property. Sure, it’s beautiful and can add an exotic flare. But when decoration turns to destruction, it’s time to rein in the plant party.

This legislation, of course, does not deny homeowners the right to keep bamboo. What it does is make them keep it under control. In her proposal, Field suggests owners desperately wanting bamboo can use steel barriers to contain the plants.

Bamboo is pretty, but it’s invasive. We’d rather it stayed off our lawns.