Awaiting Expansion, Bridgehampton School Is Out of Space

The Bridgehampton School is a K-12 school on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. Christine Sampson photo
The Bridgehampton School is a K-12 school on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. Christine Sampson photo

By Christine Sampson

As it prepares to send its expansion plans to the state education department for approval, the Bridgehampton School District is also in the process of creating more space outside the main school building with portable or modular buildings to solve an immediate need for classrooms.

School officials said during a June 21 board of education meeting the district is in the process of bringing in another portable building, to be used as offices for the business staff members. That will free up the current modular structure, which houses the business team, to be used as classroom space. The new building will be the fifth exterior building on the Bridgehampton School campus.

“We have now fully utilized every space on the campus,” school superintendent Dr. Lois Favre said in an email on Tuesday. “With the addition of nearly 60 students in the past few years, classrooms that could double as another space are now being used to their maximum capacity — so, as we work on the new addition, there is a need for space for small group instruction outside of the regular classrooms.”

She said the current business office building, a modular structure that actually sits on a foundation and has a lower level and a main level, will be used for smaller instructional settings such as academic intervention services, resource rooms, speech and language therapies and more.

Robert Hauser, the assistant superintendent for finance and facilities, said he is still getting price quotes for portable buildings, but most likely rate is $1,000 per month for a 24-foot by 60-foot structure. His own office will be located there, plus at least six other staff members and a conference room.

“It’s a lot of space, when you think about it,” he said.

Mr. Hauser said the district’s architect, John Grillo, has secured the necessary approvals for the district to bring in the new portable office space. He said, “it ties in when the shovel goes in the ground” on the district’s renovation and expansion plan, anticipated to start in the spring of 2018.

“If it goes in in April, one of the existing portables, the special education building, is situated right near where the new fitness center is going to go,” Mr. Hauser said. “Rather than wait until it’s too late or too close to construction, we thought we’d get a jump on this. Those students have to be instructed elsewhere and that building has to go, so at least we have arrangements for it.”