Auditions for 2017 Bay Street Theater Mainstage Season Announced

Bay Street Theater.

Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts will hold auditions for shows during the upcoming main stage season at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on January 29 and 30 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and at the AEA Audition Center in New York City on February 2 and February 3.

For “The Man In The Ceiling,” directed by Jeffrey Seller, performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend, and actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend. Characters include Jimmy’s father, a middle-aged baseball enthusiast; his comic book character, Toledo Jackson, an “Indiana Jones” type adventurer that must be able to sing up to an A. Jimmy’s mother is a middle aged interior designer that juggles her family and career. Her character, Busy Betty is a superwoman that can be many places at once, and should ideally be a soprano. Charley, a male actor that can believably play 14 is Jimmy’s friend and his comic book character, Win-man is the best in every sport with a pop-tenor voice. Lisi, Jimmy’s sister is a female actor that can play age 14, and Horror-head, her comic counterpart has multiple appendages coming out of her head and must be able to sing up to C# and belt higher. Jimmy Bibbet is a male child actor around age 12. He is a boy cartoonist described as a “flop,” but passionate and talented artist. Should be able to sing up to a D, preferably an E.

Scott Schwartz will direct “Intimate Apparel.” Roles needed include Esther, a middle aged African American woman that is a successful seamstress in 1905 New York who makes intimate apparel for women across the social and economic spectrum; Mrs. Dixon, a middle aged African American woman is the owner of the boarding house where Esther lives. Mrs. Van Buren is a white woman in her 30’s, trapped in a loveless marriage, and Mr. Marks is a Romanian Orthodox Jewish immigrant that is smart and detail oriented, passionate about fabric and secretly admires Esther. Mayme is a beautiful African American woman in her 30s that is a “Lady of the Night,” a pianist and nightclub performer; and George is a Barbadian immigrant in his 30s that shows off two sides during the play.

John Doyle will direct “As You Like It.” Parts needed include Rosalind, a female in late 20’s or early 30s that is witty and should have a wide range; Celia, an early 20s female that is rebellious; Orlando, a male that is also late 20s, early 30s and should be vital and rebellious. Jacques can be male or female, but should be older, someone who has been “around” for some time. Touchstone is a male that is radical with a great command of comedy. Duke Frederick is a middle-aged male that must be transformative. Oliver is a male in his 30s that should be able to play “nasty.” Adam/Audrey can be male or female that is funny and should be able to play older. La Belle/Pheobe is a fun female in her late 20s, Charles/Sylvius is a late 20s male, ideally of bigger stature, and William/Jacques de Boys can be male or female but musical skill is most important. Amiens/Sir Oliver Martext can also be male or female.

The Bay Street Theater is located at the corner of Bay and Main Street in Sag Harbor. The AEA Audition Center is located at 165 W 46th Street in NY, NY. For more information please contact (631) 725-9500 or email