ArtRemsenburg: Mid-Summer 2020

Paul Dempsey's photograph "Dawn," dye sublimation print on metal.

ArtRemsenburg presents its second visual arts show featuring the talents of five local artists from Remsenburg and the surrounding area.

“Our return show was a success. Visitors were very grateful for our effort to re-start art and we had a couple of sales. It brought back that communal feeling that a Zoom meeting cannot duplicate. Sometimes you need to be in the room with the art,” said curator Paul Dempsey, “And we are still practicing social distancing and a mask will be required to enter. We continue to limit occupancy to a maximum of three people at a time.”

The exhibition will open Friday, August 7, and will be viewable 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday through Sunday until Labor Day. Admission is free.

Artists participating are painters Jean Arena-Barbieri and Daniel Gosnell, and photographers Paul Dempsey, Katherine Liepe Levinson and Pamela Bracken Morrison. All the works are for sale, interested buyers will deal directly with the artists to arrange sales.

The Remsenburg Academy is located at 130 South Country Road in the hamlet of Remsenburg. This historic building, built in the late 19th century as a boy’s school, was recently named a landmark by the Town of Southampton and continues to play a key role in the everyday life of the entire community. ArtRemsenburg brings painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media events to this magical setting in a series of summer art shows. A website has been set up for reference with all of the current show information at