Artists Consultations With Christina Mossaides Strassfield

Christina Mossaides Strassfield

Attention all artists! Straighten up your studio, get your artist statement in draft form and invite the Guild Hall Museum director and chief curator Christina Mossaides Strassfield in to for a consultation. On Friday, October 2, Strassfield will offer 30-minute, remote one-on-one Zoom or studio visits with artists, giving them an opportunity to share and get a formal critique of their work and discuss their direction. Registration is on a first come basis, with three sessions available from 1 to 2:40 p.m.

“Studio visits are the best part of my job but unfortunately often get pushed and put off because of time constraints,” said Strassfield. “This is the perfect time to hold this virtual studio visit program so that we can connect with one another and be ready to share actual work once the stay-at-home ban is lifted. It is always exciting to see work in progress or transitions in an artist’s work.

“I welcome the dialogue with the wonderful artists that have been so supportive of Guild Hall.”

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