Artists Choose Artists at Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish Art Museum
The Parrish Art Museum.

Fourteen artists chosen by a panel of seven jurors will participate in “Artists Choose Artists,” the Parrish Art Museum’s biennial exhibition that praises artists of the East End and the vibrant relationships that unite the area’s creative community. The exhibition is scheduled to open on October 30.

Juror Tina Barney chose Dinah Maxwell Smith and RJT Haynes, Lynda Benglis chose Garrett Chingery and Saskia Friedrich, Tony Oursler chose Jackie Black and Marianne Weill, Donald Lipski chose Suzanne Anker and Ben Butler, Jorge Pardo chose Anne Bae and Monica Banks, Cindy Sherman chose Bill Komoski and Toni Ross and finally, Leo Villareal chose Karin Waisman and Almond Zigmund.

“Artists Choose Artists” is in its third year and nearly 200 artists submitted work to be considered. The purpose of this exhibition is to inspire camaraderie among today’s expanded, multi-generational network of artists and showcases the diversity of modern creative practice.

“This juried show is distinguished by the inclusion of the jurors’ work alongside the artists selected. The process is designed to encourage friendships and even mentorships,” Andrea Grover, the Century Arts Foundation Curator of Special Projects said. “Jurors meet with the artists and conduct studio visits, and in this way, meaningful connections are established.”