Arden Scott Takes a Different Tack in her Sculptural Pieces

Arden Scott, "Magenta Starboard Tack" (2017) and "Magenta Port Tack" (2017).

The Arts Center at Duck Creek in Springs is hosting an outdoor exhibition of sculpture by Greenport-based artist Arden Scott. The show will feature six of Scott’s powder-coated steel sculptures on the grounds at Duck Creek through October 31.

A lifelong sailor, much of Scott’s work traces the form of a sailboat and its fluidity at sea. The titles of the six freestanding sculptures featured refer simply to the color of each work, and its “tack.” For those unfamiliar with sailing terms, tack is the desired course a boat takes into the wind. Scott captures this movement with wonderful accuracy, balancing the works on the ground as a boat balances on its keel. As you walk through the property at Duck Creek Farm, the compositions expand or contract as they overlaps their counterparts. The multi-colored works drift through and past each other, mimicking the movement of the many sailboats in Three Mile Harbor, a stone’s throw from this installation.

Arden Scott, now in her 80s, was living and working in lower Manhattan when in 1960 she was invited by Ivan Karp to participate in the inaugural exhibition at OK Harris Gallery in New York. A wife and mother, the artist made ends meet by taking jobs traditionally filled by men, and she secured a studio space in an New York shipyard as her work began to grow in scale. In 1973 she was included in the Whitney Biennial and moved to Greenport a few years later. She has received numerous grants and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, NY Foundation of the Arts, and most recently, a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship. More information about the artist can be found at

The Arts Center at Duck Creek is at 127 Squaw Road in East Hampton. Visit for further information.