Anne Raymond Makes Her Sara Nightingale Gallery Debut

“Cirrus Cadmuim III” by Anne Raymond.

As an artist, Anne Raymond has one primary goal: “to create powerful images that invite the viewer to move away from certainty and experience something new,” she said.

And in her first solo exhibition at Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Capturing the Moment – New Abstract Paintings” — opening Saturday, April 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. — large oil paintings and monotypes will do just that, on view through April 29 at the Sag Harbor gallery, located at 26 Main Street.

Her intention is to imply, not state, leaving the viewer’s imagination to explore capturing the moment, according to a press release. A collection of large, bold paintings will be on view, alongside works that acknowledge the quietude nature sometimes affords.

“In both my large abstract oils on canvas and my works on paper, I’m interested in the evocative power of inferred space and energy beyond the edges of the canvas,” Raymond said. “Glazes of translucent color and expressive drawing speak of nature and the transitory quality of changing light. Sky, water and motion are recurring themes of inspiration.”

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