Ambulance Corps Donates New Ambulance to Village


By Christine Sampson

What goes around comes back around, as the saying goes, and in Sag Harbor, an ambulance is about to make that trip.

The Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SHVAC) last week donated an ambulance to Sag Harbor Village, which the village will insure, equip and then return to the ambulance company for use in saving lives.

The SHVAC purchased the new ambulance, a 2017 PL Custom Type III ambulance valued at $232,000, entirely through donations it received after sending out its annual fundraising letter within the greater Sag Harbor area.

“We were lucky so far,” said Ed Downes, a director of the SHVAC and an EMT. “The village residents have been so generous so we can continue to fund ambulances.”

The ambulance replaces a 2007 model. It is equipped with electronic stretchers, which he said, “are easier on our backs.” The SHVAC also has an ambulance that is five years old and in good condition, Mr. Downes said. That one will be retrofitted with the electronic stretchers, which cost $45,000 each, he said.

In addition to accepting the donation of the new ambulance during its November 14 meeting, the Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustees also passed a resolution allowing Stacy McGowin, the president of the SHVAC, to advertise the 2007 ambulance for bid at a minimum of $20,000. The proceeds from that sale will go into a reserve fund dedicated to ambulance corps expenses.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Mayor Sandra Schroeder called the ambulance donation “wonderful.”

“They go out and have fundraisers to do this to benefit our fire and ambulance district so that the people they have to help have the best help possible,” she said. “The dedication and the time they put in is more than you can sit down and announce at a meeting.”