Amagansett Lot Lights Will Be ‘Off The Grid’

New solar-powered safety lights in the Amagansett municipal parking lot.

East Hampton Town installed four street lamps in the Amagansett municipal parking lot this month that will run entirely on solar power.

The four lamps, which are also dark sky compliant, are not connected to the grid and will serve both as operating cost savings for the town from regular lamps and as a pilot project for renewable energy infrastructure on a broader scale.

The four lights cost a total of $29,900 to install, Councilman David Lys said. They were paid for out of the town’s capital projects budget.

The Amagansett parking lot’s expansion and repaving has become a test case for sustainability. Earlier this summer, the town connected the new public bathrooms in the lot to a nitrogen-reducing septic system. Four electric car charging stations have also been installed in the lot.

“The installation of the solar lights show the Town Board’s commitment to meeting its long-term energy efficiency goals and modernization of it’s infrastructure,” Mr. Lys said.