Advantage Title Offers Insight into Real Estate Possibilities

Chris Nuzzi in front of his Advantage Title office in Riverhead.

Navigating through the various stages and formalities of real estate often requires guidance. With each market being unique to its area and local government, buyers work with attorneys, brokers, developers, and more to not just close a deal but gain a thorough understanding of the possibilities, and limitations, of different types of properties. As a former Southampton Town Councilman, Advantage Title senior vice president Christopher Nuzzi shares a unique insight into this complex process.

Advantage Title provides commercial and residential title insurance and related services to the various industry pros that come together to help ensure seamless transactions for clients. The company understands the value of working with local government. Respectful and honest communication is essential, says Nuzzi, whether in agreement and disagreement on a particular matter, for community leaders and its citizens. Nuzzi says opening a dialogue can offer invaluable insight into what Main Street needs.

“Let [elected officials] know your thoughts, share with them appreciation for what they’re doing correctly as much as constructive criticism for what you perceive they may be doing wrong,” Nuzzi says. “Our elected officials are our voice at extremely important levels in town and village halls and they can only carry the community’s message if we communicate it and they take the time to listen. And it’s okay that honest discussions sometimes lead to honest and respectful disagreements, sometimes it seems that paves the way for greater understanding between people in the future.”

Born in East Hampton and now residing in Westhampton Beach, Nuzzi finds government and real estate to be dependent on one another as local governments have helped pave the way for progressive environmental initiatives and regulations. This has had an impact on the community and the real estate market, which is one of the largest drivers of the economy.

During his two four-year terms, from January 20006 through December 2013, as a Southampton Town Councilman, Nuzzi said he learned more about local regulations and how to balance protecting what community members value most while also respecting the business community, something that has proven to be beneficial in his career today.

“The transactional real estate market can be very complex and the myriad of local governments that have jurisdictional and regulatory oversight requires a lot of due diligence prior to purchasing property in this region,” Nuzzi explains. “Knowing that there are restrictive covenants on a property that limit potential use, validating that important easement to the water, or understanding how to work through the local permit process are some of the nuances that can be well prepared for or to the contrary, could kill a deal.”

Many of Advantage Title’s in-house staff of title examiners are based locally and are able to quickly turn around information services. Nuzzi says that in today’s fast-paced world where transactions are often sophisticated and move quickly it is an important part of their services. While title insurance and appropriate coverage are crucial to high value properties, equally important is the insight and advice he offers into local zoning and permitting processes. The ability to understand people, the culture, and regulatory structure lend to Advantage Title’s services, making the company an integral part of closing a deal, says Nuzzi. Even within the industry, it’s a community effort.

“I still feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the residents of the Town as a member of the Town Board and will always truly appreciate the support of so many people in our community,” Nuzzi shares. “Working with and on behalf of the community was always the best part of the job and I miss that a lot.”

Advantage Title is a flagship company of Advantage Group founded by Joseph Willen in 1987 with an East End office located in Riverhead. They offer residential, commercial, and national title services, as well as informational searches, examinations and recordings. For more information, visit