Advantage Title Clears Path to Real Estate Deals


Christopher Nuzzi in the Riverhead office of Advantage Title.

By Rachel Bosworth

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows the process is not simple. There are many moving parts in the real estate world, and many things can go wrong with the sale of residential and commercial properties. Outside of real estate agents, real estate attorneys and title insurance agents also play an important role in the transaction process as property titles often hold the answers to many questions regarding a sale.

“Title reports are an important aspect of a real estate transaction that uncover potential issues relating to ownership of property, outstanding mortgages, judgements and liens, and local housing and building code violations,” says the senior vice president of  Advantage Title, Christopher Nuzzi. “Whether a residential or commercial property, vineyard or farm, we work to ensure that the transaction happens free of any encumbrances, and that the seller is the authorized owner in the title.”

With offices throughout New York, including one in Riverhead, Advantage Title provides title insurance and other related services to attorneys, developers, investors, and more in an effort to help close real estate deals. The reports the company provides protect investments, and insurance policies cover the rights to the underlying land. Documents contained in the report can lay out any bylaws of a homeowner’s association or burdens of a property due to a recorded easement in the chain of the title.

Brian DeSesa

Differing from homeowner’s insurance policies, which cover physical improvements such as houses and other structures, title insurance safeguards the buyer’s clear ownership of the property they are purchasing. It also protects against adverse claims for any portion of the property.

Brian DeSesa, Esq. with the Adam Miller Group is a real estate attorney who is also on the zoning board with Southampton. He says that the title and purchase of title insurance plays a key role in every real estate transaction. “I always order the title commitment before the client signs the contract of sale,” shares Mr. DeSesa. “This enables me to review all of the relevant recorded documents that could not be determined when viewing a property. These recorded documents can often restrict the development beyond what may be considered obvious.”

Mr. DeSesa goes on to say that a good relationship with a title company, like the one the Adam Miller Group has with Advantage Title, is important. “Since these deals often move fast there is critical timing by which the title company must get the commitment into the attorney’s hands,” he explains. “As soon as a memorandum of sale is received by the attorney, they call the title company to do the research and provide a ‘title commitment.’”

Though title reports are often ordered through a buyer’s attorney at the time of the contract, Advantage Title works with clients such as attorneys and real estate agents early on in order to address any potential issues that could pose an obstacle when it comes to closing the deal. By providing as much information as possible, clients are better protected in the process.

“Knowing the local market is an integral part of our success. As a lifelong resident of the East End, I am familiar with the communities of the North and South Forks and Shelter Island, east and west of the canal, from the bays to the ocean beaches to the woods and farms between,” says Mr. Nuzzi. “This has given me insight into what makes all of these differing areas so special as well as the nuances of what makes a transaction go smoothly.”

Speaking of things going smoothly, Mr. DeSesa credits the relationship between real estate attorneys and title insurance agents as the key to a seamless transaction. “Without a good team and personal relationship, any delay here can ruin a transaction,” he says. “Having been in public service, Christopher Nuzzi is aware of some of the unique burdens that can be placed on properties. His understanding of property and knowledge specifically of the area act to benefit all of those involved in the transaction.”

An understanding of the entire process of real estate deals is of great benefit to buyers. With unpleasant surprises, delays, title issues, and more leading to a bad deal, it’s important to protect yourself and your investment when it comes to any high value asset like real estate. Utilizing the necessary professional services can bring you one step closer to ultimately owning the residential or commercial property you have been working towards.


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