Adjusting In Their New Digs


John and Mary Gangemi are in the adjustment business and currently they’re adjusting to their new quarters on the corner of Rector and Division streets.

“Everyone that comes in says it’s so relaxing, you wouldn’t even know [Highway] 114 is right there,” said Mary.

Dr. John Gangemi is a chiropractor and his wife Mary is a nurse and for five years they’ve been in Sag Harbor trying to help people adjust, or re-adjust, to the stressful world in which they live. They recently moved from their office on Water Street to the renovated digs off Division. Mary, who did the interior design, said the “adjustment starts as soon as you walk into the building.”

In their old location they had a common waiting room and then an oversized office that was a “waste of space.” In the new location, there’s a comfy waiting room, two spacious examination rooms and an upstairs office. The Gangemis not only work in the space, they live there as well.

The situation is perfect for the couple. They love Sag Harbor, they love the people here, and it gives them ample space to work as well as concentrate on their latest endeavor, publishing a book on the unique procedure Dr. Gangemi has been developing over the past ten years since he received his chiropractors’ license.

“Release and Balance” is a gentle method of adjustment that is meant, in a nutshell, to improve a patient’s “quality of life.” He is the only doctor currently practicing the method.

He started to develop it when he realized he was performing the same adjustments on patients two and three times a week.

“It never made sense to me, in clinic,” he said, “why I would adjust the spinal bone and then the next day it would be out of whack again.”

They weren’t improving and he began to wonder why. What he ultimately learned was that by concentrating on energy flow, he was able to re-tune a person’s body much like a guitar.

“Look at the spine like a guitar,” he began. “Each string being a channel of energy or relating to a certain organ. Each vertebra being a fret. When it’s in tune, everything is in harmony.”

Harmony is the point of Release and Balance. Gangemi’s method is a hands only approach to readjusting a person’s body, from their spine all the way to their cerebellum, so they can better handle stress. When the spine is all twisted, it creates a domino effect that affects other organs. Stress gets trapped in places where it shouldn’t be and the result is anxiety, sometimes depression and an overall poor quality of life. The nervous system gets “locked into a hyper active rhythm creating a pattern of tension.” Energy flow is blocked and hormonal flows and brain waves are altered.

Gangemi’s procedure restores the nervous system, so the next time stress arises, the body is able to handle it appropriately.

“We call it a re-boot,” said Gangemi.

The procedure is gentle enough for a newborn, a pregnant mother, and the elderly. It is also just as appropriate for athletic younger people, as well as people who have suffered traumatic injuries.

Mary pointed out that it is also perfect for the 40-year-old housewife who simply wants to get a good night’s sleep.

Gangemi Release and Balance Chiropractics is located at 11 Rector Street. For more information call 725-2117.