A Trio of Artists at Kramoris Gallery


Romany Kramoris Gallery will present the artwork of Lianne Alcon, Adriana Barone and Suzzanne Fokine in an exhibition running September 2 through September 23, with a reception for the artists taking place on Saturday, September 4, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Lianne Alcon moves fluidly through cultures, languages and canvases. A native of Spain, Alcon taps into her roots for a fiery and passionate approach to her subjects. She turns her discerning eye on people and places to evoke emotion and motion, bringing life to static figures.

Alcon has captured the imagination of audiences especially with her paintings depicting women.

Lianne Alcon “Thinking of You,” 16″ x 12.”

“I am very drawn to the female figure which represent such femininity, delicateness and sexiness while still portraying very strong and dramatic emotions,” said Alcon.

Adriana Barone has a fine art degree from Pratt Institute. She moved to the East End full time from Manhattan in 1994 when she changed careers from art direction to energy healing and counseling. She also raised a family, got divorced and now spends her free time in a creative frenzy, painting her heart out when she’s not seeing clients.

Always creative and original, she lets her paintings speak for her as she delves deeper through her dreams into the subconscious and into her inner dimensions of space, transferring light and color on the surface of the canvas that becomes a portal of perception.

Adriana Barone “Very Smart Pig Goes to Whaling Museum to See Artifacts.” Acrylic on board, 12″ x 12.”

Suzzanne Fokine says that her paintings, “are an outward manifestation of life longing for itself. They are poems, songs, dreams, and imaginings, made from the invisible ethereal fabric of a moment. I think of my paintings as a form of music, attempting to reveal its mysteries through the process of ‘visual sensing.’”

Romany Kramoris Gallery is at 41 Main Street, Sag Harbor. For details call 631-725-2499 or visit KramorisGallery.com.