A Taste of Summer at Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor

Flower Tower by Manyann Lucas.
Blind in One Eye by John Morfis.
Blind in One Eye by John Morfis.

Summer Works, will open on Saturday, October 3 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and remain on view through November 15 at the Grenning Gallery, 17 Washington Street in Sag Harbor.

The show will feature all new works from Marc Dalessio, Ben Fenske, Edwina Lucas, and Maryann Lucas, John Morfis, Ramiro, and Nelson White.

According to the gallery, while this year the showroom traditionally focuses on summer landscapes, its established and up-and-coming artists found inspiration in studio this year. The gallery will also introduce a few smaller works from the estate of James Britton, who worked in Sag Harbor during the 1920s. It will also inaugurate a new relationship with Christian White, a well-known painter out of Stony Brook, with the Summer Works show.

Flower Tower by Manyann Lucas.
Flower Tower by Edwina Lucas.

Importantly, as illustrated with the show’s entrancing “Afternoon Dock” by Ben Fenske, some fresh work will be illustrated by one of the gallery’s mainstay artists. The show will also reintroduce James Britton (1878-1936) to Sag Harbor, and showcase the work of the ever-evolving, and incredibly talented Maryann Lucas. It will also showcase the young, but talented, Edwina Lucas. Ramiro’s “Fields at Cooks Lane” is an evocative and familiar painting of the pastures we drive through all summer. John Morfis has painted two more lures, alluding to one of our favorite summer pastimes here in Sag Harbor. We look forward to more work from him for our Gems show, opening the week before Thanksgiving. Nelson White delivers another suite of lovely beachscapes.

For more information, visit grenninggallery.com.