A Tale of Two Adoptions

Janine Veto, author of “Unknown Bodies: Mothers Daughters and Adoption." Photo courtesy of the author.

A book signing for Janine Veto’s recently released memoir “Unknown Bodies: Mothers Daughters and Adoption,” will take place on Saturday, June 26, at Canio’s Books, 290 Main Street, Sag Harbor, from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

“Unknown Bodies: Mothers Daughters and Adoption” is the story of one woman’s determined surprising search for her birth parents and commitment to creating her own family. It’s a brutally honest story that begins on a suburban Chicago playground when Veto’s playmate calls her “bastard.” Until then she thought being adopted was happily special. Her life had been privileged, secure and typically 1950s American — dad, mom, brother, church on Sunday, lakeside summers in northern Wisconsin. Suddenly Veto felt she was “misplaced.”

The need to find her so-called “real parents” grew. It was a need that would take decades as well as drive, cunning, a little thievery and a lot of spunk. It also was a need fueled by alcohol, sex and disillusion.

Set in the arts and philanthropy worlds of Chicago and New York as well as Iowa farm country, a Denver sports bars and a Midwestern university town, it is memoir of a baby boomer in search of her identity in the rapidly changing landscape of what it means to be adopted in America. Ultimately, the message of “Unbroken Bodies” is love — the unconditional love of Veto’s adoptive parents, accepting and forgiving love for her broken “real parents,” and the bonding love between Veto and her own adopted daughter.

Veto was a Sag Harbor resident for almost 20 years before moving to Madison, Wisconsin with her daughter. Veto, the former deputy director of Fighting Chance, helped founder Duncan Darrow launch and manage the Sag Harbor cancer resource organization. She is the author of “Iris,” a novel, and has published poems and prose in journals and anthologies.

For more information on the signing, visit canios.wordpress.com.