A Sale for Sag Harbor and its Artists

Linda K. Alpern, “Smiley Face,” October 2019. 11" x 14." Silver gelatin. Edition of 1/10 prints. Photographed on Main Street Sag Harbor.

“Once again, artists have risen to the occasion when it has mattered most,” so says April Gornik.

Under the curatorial leadership of Gornik, along with art dealer Tripoli Patterson and artist Dan Rizzie, the Sag Harbor Partnership is hosting a virtual art sale featuring works by both well-known artists and emerging talent to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Sag Harbor Village.

“Sag Harbor has been home to a remarkable body of artists for decades. This event gives us all a chance to celebrate and give back to the place we call home,” Rizzie said.

Artists have long been drawn to the Hamptons and throughout its history have enhanced the vibrancy of the community. With this event, 50 percent of proceeds from the online sale will benefit the artists while the other 50 percent will support the work of the Sag Harbor Partnership.

April Gornik, “Spring Light 2020.” 18″ x 26.25,” paper size 24” x 31.25.” Unframed archival digital print. Edition size 50, 2 prints available, Ed. 49/50 and 50/50.

“These have been challenging times for our entire community. In 2020, the partnership sponsored $100,000 of community relief to organizations, meeting urgent needs like food insecurity, childcare, and mental and physical healthcare,” said Molly Bishop, the executive director of the Sag Harbor Partnership. “We continue grant support in 2021, as well as supporting the development of Steinbeck Park, Main Street businesses and the protection of our precious waters”

Both Gornik and Rizzie are well-known North Haven-based artists, while Trip Patterson, who grew up in Sag Harbor, is owner of Tripoli Gallery in Wainscott.

Sag Harbor Partnership’s work focuses on preserving the natural and built environments that have drawn people to the area for generations. The partnership board hopes the virtual art sale will serve not only as a platform for the dynamic artists living and working on the East End but also a reminder of all that is loved about the village.

Tom Kochie, “Quartet,” 2020. 11″ x 11″ print 21″ x 21″ framed. Archival digital photo on rag paper, framed.

Participating artists include: Linda K. Alpern, Casey Chalem Anderson, Rainer Andreesen, Alice Aycock, John Battle, Gretl Bauer, Kirsten Benfield, Scott Bluedorn, Darlene Charneco, Carolyn Conrad, James Croak, Jeremy Dennis, Miriam Dougenis, Chris Engel, Patricia Feiler, Pat Field, Eric Fischl, Connie Fox, Herbert Friedman, Gail Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Margaret Garrett, Jim Gingerich, Kimberly Goff, April Gornik, Michael Heller, Candace Hill, Barry Holden, Erica-Lynn Huberty, Ruby Jackson, Stephanie Joyce, Tom Kochie, Ulrike Kreiner, Laurie Lambrecht, Susan Lazarus Reiman, Ann Lombardo, Anthony Lombardo, Maryann Lucas, Jean Mahoney, Christa Maiwald, James McMullan, Katherine Milliken, Lindsay Morris, Jill Moser, Mae Mougin, Roy Nicholson, Michele Oka Doner, Jodie Panas, Camille Perrottet, Gerald Pryor, Gabriele T. Raacke, Hollis Rafkin-Sax, Dan Rizzie, Randall Rosenthal, Isabella Rupp, Hope Sandrow, Maria Schon, Blair Seagram, Anne Seelbach, Peter Solow, Sabina Streeter, Barbara Thomas, Pamela Thomson, John Torreano, Maureen Travers, Pam Vossen, Bob Weinstein, Amy Wickersham, John Wickersham and Almond Zigmund.

To view the work, visit sagharborpartnership.org/artsale.