A Pleasant Surprise at Pump



For the first time in nearly three years gasoline prices on the East End are actually lower than they are elsewhere on Long Island. That’s according to the monthly survey released by New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., who is something of the local Trilby Lundberg—the gas price analyst heard often on NPR—when it comes to keeping track of prices at the pump.

In a survey released on Sunday, May 24, Mr. Thiele reported that gas prices have risen well off their lows of $2.49 per gallon recorded in January to an average of $2.85 per gallon, but that is still well below prices from a year ago. What’s more, prices on the South Fork are now about 8 cents a gallon less than they are elsewhere across Long Island. South Fork prices are also 1 cent lower than the state average. Prices are even lower on the North Fork, where they are averaging $2.79.

The lowest prices are found on Route 27 and County Road 39, where the price has been about $2.81, Mr. Thiele said.

Nonetheless, Mr. Thiele pointed out that prices in Amagansett and Montauk are still much higher than elsewhere on Long Island at an average of $3.35 per gallon and he called on the State Legislature to pass legislation has sponsored annually for years that would outlaw the practice of zone pricing in the state. Zone pricing is a practice by which large oil companies charge set wholesale fees, based on location. Mr., Thiele said his bill has been opposed by major oil companies but supported by local gas retailers.