Summertime Sprucing at Bridgehampton

The Bridgehampton School's Cupola has been painted as part of summer maintenance. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi
The Bridgehampton School’s Cupola has been painted as part of summer maintenance. Photo by Carrie Ann Salvi

By Carrie Ann Salvi

A new program for qualifying Bridgehampton High School students was announced at the school board’s July 29 meeting. It incorporates job coaching and work study as credits toward a Regents diploma. It is offered after the regular school day until 6 p.m.

“The cost of a bus to an out-of-district program daily is generally around $50,000 alone without the cost of the actual out-of-district program for the student,” Superintendent Dr. Lois Favre said on Wednesday. She said that she believes the three students for whom the program may be appropriate would run just a little more than the cost of transportation, which will result in great savings for the district. 

The program will include a minimum of 20 instructional hours per week. To gain course credit, students must complete 150 hours of work experience, whether it is an internship or paid position, with oversight by a job coach.

Counseling and guidance will be included.

Robert Hauser, the district’s administrator, gave a report of facility upgrades taking place this summer at the Bridgehampton School.

While school is still out for summer, there is “a lot going on,” especially with regard to facilities, said Robert Hauser, the district’s business administrator. He said he was “scrambling to close the books” and preparing for an audit on Monday, August 10, while also setting up transportation contracts, and working on September payroll and staff supplies. 

Painters have been at the school for five weeks this summer painting the cupola over the main entrance, Mr. Hauser said. Offices have also been freshened, as have two bathrooms that have not been painted since 1991. The painters will move on to the gymnasium next, he said.

BridgeScoreTwo new scoreboards have also been hung in the gym, and the district is replacing 40 windowpanes in the greenhouse. Four double doors have had all of their hardware replaced and have been restained. Next, a plasterer will be brought in to repair the gym’s ceiling and two vents, Mr. Hauser said. He asked the board if anyone was opposed to keeping the gym its same colors, which are white with gold and black accents.

The gym floor will also be sanded and refinished too. 

A carpenter has begun work renovating the art room, and a landscaper is has been tending to the weeds around the tennis courts and some overgrown hedges. In the basement, there will be minor asbestos remediation. The custodial staff has begun inspecting and maintaining the school’s heating and air ventilation, and electrical upgrades are also on the agenda.