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A Mixed Bag Reaction to Montauk Hamlet Study

Residents and representatives of environmental groups applauded efforts by the East Hampton Town Board to address the creeping reality of climate change and sea level rise in its new hamlet study for downtown Montauk during a public hearing last Thursday in Town Hall. Other speakers remained critical.

Lawyers Tells Harbor Committee: Think Twice Before Granting Pool Permit

The Harbor Committee of Sag Harbor seemed ready to grant a wetlands permit to allow a swimming pool 55 feet from Ligonee Creek on Monday when attorney Jeff Bragman, representing a homeowner from nearby Hildreth Street, called on the board to think again.

Southampton Town Weighs Parking Ban at Reid Brothers Garage

The Southampton Town Board on Tuesday aired a proposal to ban parking for 385 feet from the Sag Harbor Village boundary to the south end of the park on the east side of the Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike, precisely the stretch used by Reid Brothers garage for vehicle storage along the edge of Nancy Boyd Willey park.