Social Media “Prank” Sets Off Investigation


The entrance to Pierson Middle-High School.

By Christine Sampson

A social media post by a Pierson High School student on Thursday “raised some concerns” and resulted in a police investigation, according to a letter sent to parents by Sag Harbor School District superintendent Katy Graves on Thursday afternoon.

Sag Harbor Village Police said Southampton Town Police are investigating the matter, but the exact nature of the incident has not been made public. No one from the Southampton Town Police Department was available to provide additional information Thursday or Friday.

“It turned out to be a thoughtless prank on the part of one of our high school students,” Ms. Graves stated in her letter.

She said the student involved has been identified “and appropriate disciplinary action has already been implemented.”

“We take all matters concerning the safety of our students and staff seriously, which is why we contacted the police,” Ms. Graves said in the letter.

She also thanked the Sag Harbor Police and Southampton Town Police for responding quickly and thoroughly and working closely with the school administration to handle the situation.

“Please take this opportunity to speak with your children about the responsible use of social media,” Ms. Graves said in the letter.

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