Coloring Away the Christmas Clutter


j-coloringbookBy Mara Certic

Let’s admit it once and for all: The holidays can be pretty stressful. The endless loop of cooking, present-buying and, of course, cleaning can drive even the most Zen among us crazy. But local photographer and illustrator Durell Godfrey says she thinks “tidy is tedious” and has created a book to help people embrace clutter.

Ms. Godfrey was inspired to make a coloring book after reading an article in the New York Times last March about “The Secret Garden,” a coloring book for adults and its meditative properties.

“It was a Eureka moment for me,” said Ms. Godfrey, who in the 1970s was an illustrator for Glamor Magazine.

The 96-page book is filled with snippets into the author’s life over the years. One page shows her first ever apartment, a tiny place on Boston’s Pinkney Street, another is a glimpse into her sock drawer. Her enviable antique quilt collection is highlighted on another page. A wall filled with family photos takes up one page of the book, another shows Ms. Godfrey’s office, one page shows the back of station wagon brimming with plants.

“I think this is a way to loosen your mind to let it wander in a creative way,” Ms. Godfrey said, “And you get to have a little dialogue with the lady who bought all the plants,” she said.

“This functions as somebody else’s doodle,” she said, “The thing about coloring is they say it’s very meditative.”

Ms. Godfrey isn’t alone — the adult coloring craze is a phenomenon nationwide, with even Crayola jumping on the adult coloring book bandwagon.

“Color Me Cluttered” comes out on December 8, and will be available locally at Canio’s, BookHampton, The Golden Eagle and the Parrish Art Museum, and is available on

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